How to Join RRCPC

How to Join RRCPC

Membership is open to all people over eighteen provided they have been proposed and seconded by club members.

Two levels of membership are available, Caving Membership and Social Membership. The minimum age for membership shall be eighteen (18) years. Prospective members under 18 may be accepted as “Members” as long as they are always under the  supervision of a parent or guardian.

Prospective members applying for CAVING MEMBERSHIP must attend at least two Club caving trips after which their application will be considered by the committee. NON-CAVING MEMBERSHIP is also available but they must attend at least two Club events.

Members of other clubs or university clubs who are currently insured through the BCA insurance scheme may still become members but do not need to pay the insurance cover

Membership fees for 201 are:£28 for all members. (+ insurance of your choice) £6 or £17 giving a total of £45 (caving) or £34 (non-caving) Link below will download form. These fees include B.C.A. insurance, this should enable people to set up a regular standing order for a fixed amount & make admin easier. Otherwise PLEASE send your cheques to arrive by 1st of January. *Allowance will be made for members insured in the scheme via another route.

Download membership form. See Link below.

Link Membership form

Membership Form

Membership Secretary: Emma Key, Springfield House, The Croft, Audley Stoke on Trent ST7 8JW Tel: 07801552061

membership <at>



Full Membership entitles you to numerous things including:

The club also enjoys reciprocal rites with the clubs below for the use of their huts. See opposite)

Reciprocal Rights Arrangements March 2020

•    Members can stay in Reciprocal Rights Huts for the same fees as that Club’s Membership. (see opposite)
•    Up to 5 members can visit each hut without prior booking though ensuring availability before travelling is sensible when possible and essential for smaller venues (GSG). Contact necessary as well where Key code entry is needed – to obtain code (As at Bull Pot Farm where code changes regularly)
•    Access will be allowed to each Clubs “membership only” areas in huts when available space.
•    Only bona fide Club members to be included in the agreement.
•    Possible exchange of Club Publications
•    No access to Reciprocal Club Tackle or Library