Changes to the Constitution at the 2018 AGM

AGM: 11:00 Sun March 4th 2018 at Bullpot Farm

Dear Members

Over the past few years several changes have been made to the club’s membership rules and in an attempt to make the entry into the Red Rose easier to administer several simple changes have been suggested. Whilst wording these changes it became apparent that several minor things were wrong on the original constitution, we are fore instance no longer members of CASC and we no longer have Social Membership. Many minor errors were also noted and all these changes are highlighted in Bold Italics. Please take the time to look over the changes so that you can vote at the AGM with some knowledge rather than just ‘rubber-stamping’ them. Also needed was a review of the Membership Form and Record Sheet as these are very time consuming for the Membership Secretary to administer at present, making this post a nightmare when people are deferred, fail to complete records in time etc etc.

It also seemed wrong to allow people to fail to pay fees until the end of March, allowing them to vote at AGMs when not even paid up members. Also the BCA insurance needs to be paid before the end of January and we ask for members to pay on 1st January. To this end it is proposed to move the date for removal from the club to the end of February and last payment date for subs to be the end of January.

It has taken Sam Lieberman and myself many ‘wrist-slitting’ hours to get the constitution/membership form to the proposed state and hope there’s a chance it will be accepted to make our officer’s lives easier in the future.

Thank you

Ray Duffy (Membership Secretary/President/Journal Editor/Conservation Officer/Hut Warden/Water Supply Guru and general dogsbody)

RRCPC Constitution 2016

RRCPC Proposed Constitution 2018

New Membership Form

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