Grey Water System

The main drinking water supply is via a spring on the fell above the Farm and is cleaned via a filter and UV system. This has proved inadequate in the past as much of it is used just to flush the toilets. We sometimes run out of water in dry weather. We now have a grey water system collecting water from the roof, with the aid of a SDF grant from The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority. This collects water from all of the roofs and store it in four IBC tanks in the rear garden. A pump moves the water up to a header tank in the loft and supplys the three toilets in the bathroom upstairs and another tank supplies the changing room toilet. Hopefully this will prevent us running out of water in dry periods.There is a backup system to top up the four tanks with a pump from the stream at the side of the Farm when rainfall is low. This switched on from inside the locked outside gear washing area(Sluice Room) to the right of the storage tanks.

If the weather is dry  you need to switch on the backup pump on and run it for an hour or so every day while you are there. The switch is located in the store cupboard on the extreme right(Members code) as you go out into the garden, next to the small gate out to the track. There is a pipe by the back door that shows the water level in the tanks to help you monitor this

 If you run out of water you will have to flush toilets with buckets from the stream so do not forget! 

Please try to save water as much as possible.

View of tanks uncovered

Tanks and gear washing area(Sluice Room)