Peter Ashmead

Important Library Donation.

Ease Gill Caverns survey material from 1967:

The club has been fortunate to receive from Mrs. Sue Fegan, daughter of the late Pete Ashmead, some of the original notes and survey material produced by her father in the early 1960’s. Sue has looked after these items since his death in 1977 but now feels, and the family have agreed, that they should be kept with the Ease Gill archive in the RRCPC library.

The material consists of the original pencil drawing of the Ease Gill Caverns system, surveyed to CRG Grade 4 and at a scale of 50′ – 1″ on one sheet of cartridge paper. The sheet size is around 10 feet long and 4 feet wide. There is also, drawn in black Indian ink on blue linen, the final master drawing, carefully lettered by hand that was produced for the printing plates for CRG Transactions Vol.9 No. 2 (1967)

A surface survey, over laid with the underground system, watercourses, shakeholes, fault lines and the limestone strata definitions in three colours is also included. – Scale 190′ – 1″

There are also copies of original drafts of chapter 5 of the C.R.G. Transactions Vol. 9 No. 2 (1967) – “The origin & development of Ease Gill Caverns”, written by Pete, together with various proof reading notes, and a similar chapter written for the book “Limestones and Caves of North West England” (1974)

Together with a number of smaller items they make a valuable addition to the archive, and will be of great interest both as historical documents and for research purposes.

I had the pleasure of  meeting with Sue on several occasions and have since written thanking her and the family for the donation.

A full list of these library additions, with suitable credits is in the club Library Catalogue.

Sandra Wilkinson (Past President)