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Hut Warden Rota

We have organised a Duty Rota for the Hut Warden job. This is an important job to keep Bullpot Farm and all its utilities running smoothly. The job takes a couple of hours and includes checking rodent traps, toilets, checking the water supply and other services etc. It needs to be done during the week (Mon-Fri) while people are hopefully not staying at the Farm. I will send out a reminder to the person involved on Sunday or Monday of each week with more detailed instructions. See list below:

If you would like to help please get in touch with me.

Andy Hall (andy<at>



25th-29th July Bill Sherrington
1st-5th Aug Hugh St Lawrence
8th-12th Aug Phil Withnall
15th-19th Aug Mel Wilkinson
22nd-26th Aug Andy Hall
29th-2nd Sept Hugh St Lawrence
5th-9th Sept Mel Wilkinson
12th-16th Sept Sam Lieberman
19th-23rd Sept Fran Frankland
26th-30th Sept Hugh St Lawrence
3rd-7th Oct Mike Appleton
10th-14th Oct Bill Sherrington
17th-21st Oct Phil Withnall
24th-28th Oct Steve Round

Jonny Baker can do it December onwards

RRCPC photographic competition 2022

Thanks go to the Judges Boz & Beardy.

Click on each photo for larger view

UK Above Ground

Atmospheric Cullin Ridge

1st. Gwen Tawy.

Banded Demoiselle

2nd. Andy Pringle.

Arnside Sunset

3rd. Chris Hunter.

UK Underground

Descending Tatty Wife

1st. Bill Nix.

“Giles Barker Award”

Ibbeth Peril

2nd. Chris Hunter

Ray in BPOW

3rd. Sam Lieberman.

Abroad Above Ground

1st. Bill Nix.

2nd. Bill Nix. Sunset over Islands No more entries

Abroad Underground

Striations in Rock, Tham Thewada

1st. Bill Nix.

Mana Grotto

2nd. Andy Pringle.

Cave Pearls

3rd. Andy Pringle. Cave Pearls

Pocket Camera

Straws in Shuttleworth Pot

1st. Kristian Brook.

Main drain, Lancaster Hole

2nd. Phil Gillespie.

Wetter than an Otter’s Pocket, White Scar Cave

3rd. Phil Gillespie.


It Gets too Tight

1st. Andy Hall.

Last of the Summer Wine

2nd. Hazel Hewitt.

My Shadow’s Got the Horn

3rd. Andy Pringle.


Best overall photo “Giles Barker Award”. Bill Nix. Dalek Descending Tatham Wife

The event was followed by slide presentation by our President. Thanks Sam