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  • Mark Shinwell wins photo Award

    Moorebooks Award Hidden Earth 2010 – Mining Photo Winner If you follow the link you will see the superb photo from Mark Shinwell that won the £100 of books prize sponsored by I am sure you will agree what superb photo it is particularly as water vapour [...]

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  • BCRA forthcoming events

    BCRA news updates 1) The online version of Cave & Karst Science 37(2) is now available from 2) Speleology 16 is now in the post to you. 3)  Info about the Field Meeting in South Wales on 6 March ’11 is now on the news forum: 4) [...]

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  • New Visitor’s Kitchen

    New Visitor’s Kitchen at Bullpot Farm On a wet weekend in July a small but dedicated band of members returned to the farm to assist Alan (Starkers) Martin install the second of our new kitchens, this time for use by our visitors. A new floor was [...]

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