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  • Members Lounge

    Work has finally started on the cavers lounge re-vamp. Soon to be fitted will be a new fire grate – especially made to our own specifications. Advice from our fire officer has recommended replacing the ceiling with fire board, as there is a bedroom above [...]

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  • AGM News – New club President

    At the AGM on April 3rd at Bullpot Farm Ray Duffy was elected as the new club President after Peter Llewellyn stood down after over five years as President. The AGM also decided to make Peter and Sandra Wilkinson life members in recognition of their [...]

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  • Photo Competition Results 2010

    The competition on Sat 8th January at Burton in Lonsdale village hall was well attended. We will probably continue to hold it here as it is an all weather venue for this time of year and there is plenty of room to display the photographs.Thanks [...]

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