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Hut Warden Rota

We have organised a Duty Rota for the Hut Warden job. This is an important job to keep Bullpot Farm and all its utilities running smoothly. The job takes a couple of hours and includes checking rodent traps, toilets, checking the water supply and other services etc. It needs to be done during the week (Mon-Fri) while people are hopefully not staying at the Farm. I will send out a reminder to the person involved on Sunday or Monday of each week with more detailed instructions. See list below:

If you would like to help please get in touch with me.

Andy Hall (andy<at>



9th-13th May Mike Appleton
16th-20th May Sam Lieberman
23rd-27th May Bill Sherrington
30th-3rd June Toby Speight
6th-10th June Mel Wilkinson
13th-17th June Fran Frankland
20th-24th June Andy Hall
27th-1st July Matt Jenkinson
4th-8th July Hugh St Lawrence
11th-15th July Andy Hall
18th-22nd July Mike Appleton
25th-29th July Bill Sherrington
1st-5th Aug Fran Frankland
8th-12th Aug Phil Withnall
15th-19th Aug Mel Wilkinson
22nd-26th Aug Andy Hall
29th-2nd Sept Matt Jenkinson
5th-9th Sept Hugh St Lawrence


RRCPC photographic competition 2022

Thanks go to the Judges Boz & Beardy.

Click on each photo for larger view

UK Above Ground

Atmospheric Cullin Ridge

1st. Gwen Tawy.

Banded Demoiselle

2nd. Andy Pringle.

Arnside Sunset

3rd. Chris Hunter.

UK Underground

Descending Tatty Wife

1st. Bill Nix.

“Giles Barker Award”

Ibbeth Peril

2nd. Chris Hunter

Ray in BPOW

3rd. Sam Lieberman.

Abroad Above Ground

1st. Bill Nix.

2nd. Bill Nix. Sunset over Islands No more entries

Abroad Underground

Striations in Rock, Tham Thewada

1st. Bill Nix.

Mana Grotto

2nd. Andy Pringle.

Cave Pearls

3rd. Andy Pringle. Cave Pearls

Pocket Camera

Straws in Shuttleworth Pot

1st. Kristian Brook.

Main drain, Lancaster Hole

2nd. Phil Gillespie.

Wetter than an Otter’s Pocket, White Scar Cave

3rd. Phil Gillespie.


It Gets too Tight

1st. Andy Hall.

Last of the Summer Wine

2nd. Hazel Hewitt.

My Shadow’s Got the Horn

3rd. Andy Pringle.


Best overall photo “Giles Barker Award”. Bill Nix. Dalek Descending Tatham Wife

The event was followed by slide presentation by our President. Thanks Sam

Keeping people safe at Bullpot Farm from Monday 19th July 2021

back garden camp

Keeping people safe at Bullpot Farm from Monday 19th July 2021


To keep members and guests COVID safe at the Farm please follow these simple rules:
  • If you have symptoms or a member of your household is isolating, then you shouldn’t be using the facilities. Please stay at home.
  • Sanitising stations will still be kept in place. Please use these.
  • Please keep kitchens, food preparation areas, showers and bathrooms clean.
  • If you want to wear a mask, that’s fine, we will respect it and will ask all members and guests to respect that. 
  • If you are a visiting group you will be allocated a dormitory with a set number of beds. Please stick to your dormitory.
  • The Members’ dormitory is for members and their personal guests.
  • Please remember the Members’ Kitchen and Lounge are for members use.
  • We recognise that this is a difficult and confusing time for everyone. Please respect others and be tolerant of their view points.
Any problems please contact a committee member.


FREE WiFi now available to all members and guests staying at Bullpot Farm. The password is displayed on the noticeboard in the Members room and Guests kitchen. Its use restricted to bedrooms and upper floors. It is not available downstairs or outside.

Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers

The club has been fortunate in acquiring two lawn mowers recently

which will greatly enhance our ability to keep the garden and the bonfire field in good shape Thanks to Bill Nix we now have a new and working petrol lawnmower. There are instructions on how to use it attached to it and it’s stored in the second outside wooden store. You’ve all got the code for that store so if you’ve nothing to do you could cut the grass out back or on the bonfire field. It’s really easy to use and there’s petrol and oil for it in the same store. It only took me one and half hours to mow both bits so a nice evening job before drinks.

Secondly we have also a sit on mower for the bonfire field. At present this is being serviced and for the time being not to be used other than by Steve Gray. Thanks to all to have helped in these acquisitions.



Club Badges, T-shirts, Journals, Easegill Surveys

All are now all available at the farm. Save the postage & buy yours now.

Any committee member will be happy to serve you. Display in back room at Farm

Boxing Day Walk

Its December and of course you will want to come along to our annual Boxing Day Walk in the Lakes. Its traditional, having taken place every year for over 50 years. This year we will meet at Elterwater in the car park on the north side of the common. (Not the pay and display car park in the village) Grid Ref. SD328052 . Meet at 10.45 for a 11am start

Several walks available for all abilities but Sandra will be aiming for Loughrigg summit then down to the tarn and back up through a lovely arbortorium with

fantastic large trees. It’s a social occasion and we always head to Foxfield on the coast for food and real ale at the Prince of Wales pub to round off the day. All welcome! See you there. Sandra Wilkinson.

Members Lounge

Work has finally started on the cavers lounge re-vamp. Soon to be fitted will be a new fire grate – especially made to our own specifications. Advice from our fire officer has recommended replacing the ceiling with fire board, as there is a bedroom above and this work is already in progress with the old joists    being    replaced    before covering in the new fire board.
Ray Duffy and Sandra Wilkinson helping to remove old plaster board from the ceiling
One section of the ceiling has now been completed and the final two will be finished in a couple of weeks time. If you can spare a day or two to help, the work will be taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday 24th. / 25th. May. Fireplace has now been fitted.
As part of our obligations to improve the farm water supply we have also been revamping the UV system and cold water storage. A new storage tank has been installed upstairs and the UV system made more accessible. The room has now been repainted. A new set of comfy chairs has already been acquired and these will really finish off the room.

AGM News – New club President

New RRCPC President

Pete hands over his chain of office to Ray

At the AGM on April 3rd at Bullpot Farm Ray Duffy was elected as the new club President after Peter Llewellyn stood down after over five years as President. The AGM also decided to make Peter and Sandra Wilkinson life members in recognition of their many years of service to the Red Rose.

Many of the other posts remain the same but another notable change was the election of Carol Makin as club Secretary. Thanks to all the committee members who stood down including Bill Sherrington and Heather Eastwood. A full list can be found on the contacts page. This will be updated soon to include email addresses.

Amendments to constitution passed including …”members may only bring up up to 2 non-members to the Farm without booking them in.”
A pdf of the new constitution will appear on the website in due course.
We are to arrange certain Sat nights that are members only nights at the Farm to coincide with club social events. e.g. summer BBQ. President’s Meet etc.. Newsletter out shortly