As the Membership Secretary I’d like to remind all members that subs are due at the usual time. The renewal date for membership is 1st January 2023 (but feel free to pay before that date if you wish!) 
All members pay £28 (£24 for students) for club membership and then it is a matter of what level of membership you require: 
•   Caving Membership is an extra £20 for BCA insurance making a total of £48 
•   Non Caving Membership is an extra £6 for BCA insurance making a total of £34 
•   Caving Students pay £8 for BCA insurance so a total of £32 
•   Those affiliated to another club with whom they are insured pay £28 only but you must tell us who you are insured with 
•   Those who have Direct Individual Membership (DIM) of BCA also pay only £28 
The easiest way to pay is by Bank Transfer (although I am also happy to accept cheques or cash!): 
Red Rose Bank: HSBC 
Account Name: Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club 
Sort Code: 40-27-02 
Account Number: 31807927 
Reference: please add “your name” and “2023 subs” 
(This is to identify what the payment is for and who from) 
If you have moved house or changed email address and think you may not have let the club know please drop me an email so I can ensure our records (and the BCAs) are correct. 
Thank you  
Emma Key (Membership Secretary)