2021 Photo competition Entries

The page is now open for entries. This year we are going to try something different due to the pandemic. Bill Nix will be judging the photos except for the Giles Barker Award. This will be by public vote using Google Forms based on the best photo from each category. ENTRIES CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT 31ST JAN 2011

Trophies hopefully will be awarded at a summer event to be arranged. If you have a trophy from last year will you please make arrangements to return it to the Farm as soon as you can. Please send entries to Andy Hall

Click on each photo for larger version

UK Above Ground:

Buachaille Etive Mor

Photo UKA1

Pen y Ghent

Photo UKA2

Summit fence in winter Pen y Ghent

Photo UKA3

Aira Force, Ullswater

Photo UKA4

Hoar Frost – Ribble Valley

Photo UKA5

Disused Canal Lancaster

Photo UKA6

Fog Above Embsay Crag

Photo UKA7

A view From Almscliff

Photo UKA8

Langdale Pikes with Gwen for scale

Photo UKA9

excited to be out in the fells, Steel Knotts, Far East Lakes

Photo UKA10

Half way up Route C S4a*** on Gimmer Crag

Photo UKA11

Wading though fresh tracks at Knott, North Lakes.

Photo UKA12

Nice Tree

Photo UKA13

The Bay

Photo UKA14


Photo UKA15

Nice Waterfall

Photo UKA16

Symphony Crack, Anglesey

Photo UKA17

Crummockdale shadows

Photo UKA18


Photo UKA19

Ingleborough from the Lune Valley

Photo UKA20

Mist capped Ingleborough

Photo UKA21

Lanty’s Tarn.

Photo UKA22

Bamburgh Castle

Photo UKA23

Sunset over Irish Sea

Photo UKA24

Just over the fell from Bullpot Farm

Photo UKA25

Beardy on Ennerdale Horseshoe

Photo UKA25

Lakeland weather

Photo UKA25

Ben Wright descending Penyghent

Photo UKA25

UK Underground:

A fossil in Valley Entrance

Photo UKU1

Sam Lieberman in Valley Entrance,

Photo UKU2

Pulling though on Double Decker Pitch at CHECC weekend

Photo UKU3

Abseiling into Deaths Head at night

Photo UKU4

Descending into Cow Pot Main Pitch

Photo UKU5

Greensett Cave

Photo UKU6

Under Fountains Fell

Photo UKU7

Moughton Scar Cave

Photo UKU8
Photo UKU9
Photo UKU10

Abroad Above Ground:

Mistletoe in the Dordogne’

Photo AU1

Cladera Blanca Lanzarote

Photo AU2
Photo AU3

Seascape – Lanzarote

Photo AU4

Trvaerse of Les Gourgs Blancas, Pyrenees

Photo AU5
Photo AU6
Photo AU7
Photo AU8

Abroad Underground

Jameo de la Gente, Lanzarote

Photo AA1

Pete in Som Hein inlet

Photo AA2

Cueva del Covón, Lanzarote

Photo AA3

Pete surveying in Som Hein, Myanmar

Photo AA4

Jameo de la Gente Lanzarote

Photo AA5

Pete in Som Hein, Myanmar

Photo AA6

Humorous Print:

Bilbo (putting) Bagsin the bucket, Rollerball

Photo H1

The Monkey’s Head stone at Jenkin Beck

Photo H2

Billy no mates at Whitewell Pot

Photo H3

Guess whats happening here.

Photo H4

Amazing how a little writing can change the view of a picture

Photo H5

Jack Overhill trying to be studios for once in his life

Photo H6

It gets tight!

Photo H6
Photo H7
Photo H8
Photo H9

Pocket Camera Underground Print:

Crisp Delph Mine

Photo PC1

Sleeping bat at Whitewell Pot

Photo PC2

Fossil Chamber, Mossdale Caverns

Photo PC3

First Crawl of Mossdale Caverns

Photo PC4

Straw Chamber, Ease Gill Caverns

Photo PC5

1st Descent – New pitch Lockdown Pot

Photo PC6

Aileen in Gave Pot using tripod and long exposure with headlamps

Photo PC7

Marble Steps on Christmas Day

Photo PC8
Photo PC9
Photo PC10

Public Vote for the Giles Barker Trophy: