Hut Warden Rota

We are organising a Duty Rota for the Hut Warden as we do not have one and this is important now that we have partially opened the Farm. The job takes a couple of hours and includes checking mouse traps, toilets, running the water supply etc. It needs to be done during the week (Tues-Fri) while people are not in the Farm. I will send out a reminder to the person involved on Monday of each week. See list below:

If you would like to help please get in touch with me.

Andy Hall



13th-16th October Steve Round
10th-23rd October Matt Jenkinson
27th-30th October Dinny Davies
3rd to 6th Nov Fran Frankland
10th-13th Nov Mel & Sandra Wilkinson
17th-20th Nov Matt Jenkinson
24rd-27th Nov Bill Sherrington
2nd-4th Dec Fran Frankland
8th-11th Dec Andy Hall
15th-18th Dec
22nd-25th Dec