Access to Bullpot Farm Tackle Store & Campsite for Members during Covid-19 restrictions

Welcome back members to Bullpot Farm. Please read the information below carefully.

Facilities will be open weekly for use from 8:00 pm Thursday to 8:00 pm Sunday. They have been arranged to comply with UK Government “Track & Trace” regulations and it important all Members comply with the instructions below otherwise the facilities will be closed without notice. Nobody may enter the main Farm buildings and all codes on the exterior doors have been changed and are only known to a few people.

Sluice Room Code lock fitted


  • To obtain the Tackle Store key go to the Sluice Room at extreme right hand end of the wooden structure (see Photo) sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided or your own. Then use Members Code to enter. The key is hanging on a hook on the left.
  • It is essential that you now Sign in to the book provided to comply with “Track & Trace”. Any members’ guests will need to provide full contact details. Usual charges apply.(see notice)
  • You now have access to the three tackle stores, the middle one contains an Elsan toilet.
  • The Sluice Room contains Grey Water and Drinking water taps, clearly labelled and hand washing facilities, along with a kettle for making a brew. You will need to provide your own utensils etc and remove them afterwards.
  • Bare in mind that you use the tackle at your own risk and check it carefully before removing it. Then fill in the Inspection Log and Signing Out sheet located in the store.
  • On return from using the tackle wash ALL tackle in the pond not the Sluice Room and coil neatly. Then leave it quarantined in the store next to the Sluice Room. It will remain here for 72 hours and then Ray will move it back to the Tackle Store as part of his Thursday checks. Under no circumstances must people take tackle from the Quarantine Store.
  • Enjoy your trip.


Camping is available in the back garden or the top bonfire field provided the following rules are followed. A member may bring one guest. £5 per night camping fee. See notice in Sluice Room

  • First go to the Sluice Room and it is essential that you now Sign in using the instructions above.
  • Use the Chemical toilet, if required, located in the Middle Tackle Store (Men please pee outside). Provide your own toilet paper.
  • Make sure all door handles and surfaces or disinfected after use with sanitiser available or bring your own. Wipe down surfaces with toilet paper as well.
  • If the Chemical toilet is full or at the end of your stay empty it into cesspit under the manhole cover in the back garden. See notice on back of toilet door.
  • There are four Exterior power sockets located in the back garden for your use.
  • There is a BBQ and fire pit but you will need to bring your own axe and saw and charcoal.


  • Make sure all door handles and touch surfaces are wiped down before and after use.
  • Empty the toilet into the cesspit
  • All doors are locked and Tackle Store key replaced on hook
  • All external plugs and kettle are switched off
  • Leave the gardens tidy and TAKE HOME ALL YOUR OWN LITTER
  • Pay your Camping Fees. ANY belongings left will assume to be contaminated and be disposed of by RD on Thursday unless you let him know what you might have left. Remember the facilities will only work if everyone keeps to the rules!