Bullpot Farm Working Week

This year we have a working week from Friday 10th May to Sunday 19th May. There are plenty of jobs to be done. Please come along and help as much or as little as you can. This is to allow certain jobs to be done during the week days when the Farm is completely empty.of all people.
He is looking for people to help as usual over the period. Could you email him to let him know if you are available on one or more of the weekdays besides either of the weekend dates. Some of the jobs being done are listed below:
Some of the Jobs:
Paint front of Farm
Paint all of the outside window frames. They have not been done since we fitted them nearly 10 years ago, apparently.
Expand sleeping space in Members Bedroom and Front Guest Bedroom
Install outside weather webcam
Startup both mowers and cut the garden and field
Box in the pipework installed as part of the grey water system.
General maintenance
Other jobs not listed here!

Work started this week on preparatory jobs ready for the painting of the front of the farm at the working week.

Sammy Wilkinson set to power washing off all the mould and grime. Hut warden Alan (Starkers) Martin was on hand to see his latest recruit at work. Over Easter, Susan Osborne, Sandra Wilkinson and Carol Makin began painting – the rest will be completed over the working week.

Mel Wilkinson & Gwen Tawy