Photography Competition – New category

Venue: Bullpot Farm. Date: 12th January 2019. Entries in by 7pm please.

Make sure each photo has a title that describes the photo

Normal five categories of UK Above and Below Ground, Abroad Above and Below ground and Humorous Competition

There are also some changes this year with a new category

  1. A new Underground Photo  “Pocket Camera” (point & shoot) competition. No supplementary lens or ancillary equipment to be used. Caving lights are permitted.
  2. After the main competition and judging we propose to run a Computer Slideshow and presentation afterwards for other photos so people could show what they had been doing over the year. – Strict Time limit 10 minutes per person. Images to be provided on a USB stick to run via laptop and projector. This would make it a more social event.
  3. Giles Barker Trophy. At the moment this is awarded by the judge to the best overall photograph from the ones given awards already. Instead it has been decided that there could be a vote by all present on the night for best photo. It would not necessarily be one already given a place in the other categories. This would involve numbering all the photos in advance as they were entered and preparing voting slips. In the event of a tie then judge would decide.