Photography Competition 2019

Photographic Competition 2019 Results:

An excellent turnout for the Photographic Competition on 12th January with some fantastic photographs on display. The judge this year was George (Boz) Bosnyak who in giving his verdict praised the vast improvement of entries. This year saw two changes to the format with the inclusion of Pocket Camera shots and voting for the premier award, the Giles Barker Award, being decided by public vote. Congratulations are due to all the winners and placed photos and a big vote of thanks to all who took part.

Thanks also to Boz for judging and Ray and Andy for making the arrangements. After the formal competition was over we were entertained to a viewing of members various trips both at home and abroad.

Trophies will be awarded at the Annual Dinner in March. If you have a trophy from last year will you please make arrangements to get it to Bullpot Farm or Andy Hall a.s.a.p, so that the engraving of winners names can be done before the presentation. Winners listed here

Click on each photo for larger version

UK Underground:

1st. Stream Passage Pot – Alex Anderson
2nd. Missile Silo – Alex Anderson
3rd. Boreham Cave – Paul Swire

UK Above Ground:

1st. Reach for the Stars – Alex Anderson
2nd. Handa Island, Sutherland – Sam Lieberman
3rd. Bullpot Bonfire Night – Bill Nix


Abroad Underground:

1st. Kendal Mint Cake Passage, Big Matt Calf Hole, Matienzo. Paul Swire
2nd. Aven de Malaval – Paul Swire
3rd. Stals in Lek Lek – Bill Nix

Abroad Above Ground:

1st. Scula Punta, Peru – Paul Swire
2nd. Antarctica – Hannah Walker

3rd. Heron and Catch – Andy Pringle

Humorous Print:

1st. Starkers Self Portrait – Alan Martin
2nd. Valley Entrance – Sue Osborne
3rd. Steve’s Twin – Alan Martin

Pocket Camera Print:

1st. Self Portrait Victoria CaveSam Lieberman
2nd. Eccentrics, Stream Passage Pot – Sam Lieberman

3rd. Mushroom Passage – Andy Hall

Public Vote for the Giles Barker Trophy:

Stream Passage Pot – Alex Anderson