Slab Pot breakthrough

Busy day concentrating on digging out Hedgehog Pot and pushing end of Chicken Run stream passage. Hugh looked Zac up and down and said “ You will fit easily, got any caving gear then get changed!” Off they went to take photos in the streamway and push the upstream end. They returned an hour or so later with several photos but not much progress upstream but did look up a roof collapse near the end corresponding to the large hole in the field under the wall.

Downstream end of Slab Pot – photo Hugh St.Lawrence

Meanwhile the rest of us continued digging down the bottom of Hedgehog Pot and pulled all sediment out to surface. The hole must be now at least 8 metres deep with horizontal development at the bottom appearing to go in both directions. Hugh briefed Sam and he went in to push the end

Meanwhile Zac put some drain tester dye in the sink near the blockhouse. He had some success digging out some silt to gain access to another 14 metres of passage through two ducks. He also saw the dye from the sink in the stream.

Several people opened up the blockhouse and the stream sink upstream of it. Later Zac was inserted in the pipe with long hoe to clear out sediment from the downstream end of the pipe with some success.

Boz at Entrance to Slab Pot

Zac in The Chicken Run

Andy Hall