BCRA Notices

  • Cave & Karst Science 45(1) – now online
  • CREG Journal 101 – now online
  • British Cave Monitoring Centre
  • Trevor Ford Memorial Meeting, 2-3 June, Derbyshire
  • Hidden Earth 2018
  • Hidden Earth Cave Science Photo Competition
  • Cryogenic Calcite Competition (Reminder)

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Cave & Karst Science 45(1) – now online

The April issue of C&KS is now available for download from http://bcra.org.uk/cks  The contents list will be ready tomorrow. the paper edition is ‘in press’ and should be delivered shortly, to those who receive it … but not if you have not renewed your membership. (http://bcra.org.uk/fees ).

CREG Journal 101 – now online

CREG Journal 101 was also published recently; see http://bcra.org.uk/cregj 

British Cave Monitoring Centre

The British Cave Research Association is teaming up with Buxton Civic Association to provide a facility to be known as the British Cave Monitoring Centre at Poole’s Cavern show cave, in Derbyshire, UK.

Equipment will be provided to allow students to undertake projects to provide long-term monitoring of cave climate and to facilitate cave-related studies and scientific research. That announcement was too late to make it into the latest issue of C&KS but you can download a short article about it from CREG journal 101 at http://bcra.org.uk/cregj (although with a technology, rather than a science bias).

 Trevor Ford Memorial Meeting, 2-3 June, Derbyshire

The Yorkshire Geological Society (YGS) is organising a symposium in honour of Trevor Ford, who many will remember as a long-standing honorary member of BCRA. The symposium on the Saturday will be held at the Devonshire Dome, Buxton. It will be followed, on the Sunday by a field trip, “Mineralisation and sedimentology of the Carboniferous Limestone, Wirksworth-Matlock area of Derbyshire”. BCRA will be contributing a lecture to the symposium, but please note that this is NOT a BCRA event. Further details will be on the YGS website at http://yorksgeolsoc.org.uk later in the Spring.

Hidden Earth 2018

Please note that the date and venue for the annual caving conference, Hidden Earth, has (at the time of writing) not been finalised. The venue we were planning to use has become unavailable due to building work. Messages will be posted (here, Facebook, ukcaving.com, etc) as soon as anything more definite is known.

Hidden Earth Cave Science Photo Competition

In the past, the BCRA photo salon at Hidden Earth has included a “Cave Life” category.  This year the category is being broadened to “Cave Science”. The precise rules for the new category are yet to be drawn up, but the intention is that the Cave Science photos that are entered into the competition must be accompanied by documentation that describes the scientific study being undertaken – that is, as with the former Cave Life category, it is more than “just a photo”. Further info is in the Editorial in the latest issue of C&KS at http://bcra.org.uk/cks

Cryogenic Calcite Competition

If you Google for Cryogenic Calcite Competition it will take you straight to plenty of information about BCRA’s competition, managed by Gina Moseley, to help find cryogenic cave calcites (CCCs) in the UK. CCCs are a special type of speleothem deposit that form in ice caves, and hence can be used to establish when a cave was an ice cave and can also be used to provide information about past permafrost environments.

For the purposes of the competition, the UK has been split up into six regions, and the group or person that finds the most caves with CCCs per region will win 200m of rope, or £240-worth of caving equipment. Deadline 30th June, 2018. You do not need to be a BCRA member to enter. Information about the competition is on the BCRA News Forum at http://bcra.org.uk/calcite where you ask questions, discuss the topic and post your photos as competition entries. The competition judges will be Gina Moseley, John Gunn, Marc Luetscher and Andy Farrant.

David Gibson  BCRA Secretary