Working Weekend

Working Weekend 13th-15th April

Plenty to do, skilled and unskilled jobs.

Completion Works as result of SDF grant

Repair any problems after big freeze up, Cut down manhole cover in rear garden, Finish pointing rear wall of tackle stores

Extra flashing on tackle stores, Tank for rope washing, Fix gutter end of barn

Construct roof over outside wash area, Fix step and flags on wall above tackle stores, Fix flags across back garden

Flag next to IBC tanks and complete gravel on area outside rear windows

Repair socket on landing, Attic banister, Complete rear garden dry stone wall

Next priority, Complete by end of 2018

Extra benches and shelving in changing room, Re-sheet bunk beds

Stone up around flue, Fill gaps in entrance passageway wall

Sort bonfire field, Cut down two trees, Approach track drainage

Roof leak Members Bedroom, Mount fire extinguishers, Araldite gnome to chimney pot, Fill holes in Members Room floor