2018 Photographic Competition

Saturday 3rd. February 2018 at Bullpot Farm was the Annual Photographic Competition judged by Ray Duffy. The following categories and winners are shown below. Click on each Thumbnail for better view of photo.

Best UK Above Ground

1st. Frozen Fingers, Glyder Fach, Alex Anderson

2nd. Ian on Ice Climb of Window Gully, Great End, Alex Anderson

3rd. Druidstone Bay, Pembrokeshire, Bill Nix

Best UK Below Ground

1st. May Alexander in Toll Booth Duck, Poll Breugair, Toby Speight

2nd. Wet Going, Notts II, Bill Nix

3rd. Ian on Pitch 2, Heron Pot, Alex Anderson


Best Abroad Above ground

1st. Ason Gorge, Spain, Fleur Loveridge

2nd. Clearing Storm, Pyrennes, Alex Anderson

3rd. Valle de Guadalest, Alan Martin


Best Abroad Below Ground

1st  Tham Lek Lek, Krabi, Thailand, Bill Nix

2nd. Portrait of Pete Talling, Ye Htwat Gu, Fleur Loveridge

3rd. Fabulous flowstone, Ridley Racer Cave, Krabi, Thailand, Bill Nix

Humour Award

1st. Bill, its Yordas not Crackpot, Sue Osborne

2nd. Red Rose Committee, Alan Martin

3rd. Guy on Bonfire, Sam Lieberman

Giles Barker Award, Best overall Photo

Tham Lek Lek, Krabi, Thailand, Bill Nix