B4RN for Casterton has reached Bullpot

B4RN for Casterton has reached Bullpot, Gale Garth and Smithy House but not without much preliminary work. Having obtained the permission of Natural England and the Yorkshire Dales National Park to construct this spur, B4RN Ltd appointed Tony Swidenbank, as the contractor to build it via Barbon Fell House. The entire route across the lower slopes of Barbon Fell and Aygill was walked and agreed. Andy Hall and Ray Duffy from Red Rose Caving and Potholing Club identified where the router should be placed in their clubhouse at Bullpot which in turn, determined how the ducting should approach the site. The route of ducting onwards to Gale Garth was also agreed and on Tuesday 6th June work began.

Defying the persistent rain and drizzle, 16mm duct was laid by the side of the bridleway from the Casterton/Barbon parish boundary to Bullpot. The B4RN team used a mini-digger to take duct to the west wall of Bullpot farm house. The approach to the house enjoys a flourishing display of wild orchids which the team was careful not to disturb. On Wednesday, in good weather conditions, Tony and his team laid the ducting from Bullpot to Gale Garth and onwards towards Smithy House for about 350m. On Thursday and in driving rain, Tony used a directional ‘mole’ to get under the road just above Bullpot and link ducting coming up from Barbon with that serving the three properties below Fell Road behind Casterton Fell.

The Caving Club helped physically with installing duct and external/internal boxes at Bullpot on 15th June and the fibre was blown through to make the connection on 22nd June.

Tom Clayton installing ducking up the gable end

Ducking fitted under gutters