Red Rose Cave & Pothole Club: South Lakeland Community Grant

The club’s recent application to Sedbergh & Kirkby Lonsdale (South Lakeland) Community Grants Fund was successful and a grant of £400 has been awarded in respect of funding improvements to the access track to the club’s centre at Bullpot Farm and improvements to parking either side of it. The parking area has been increased on either side of the track and this results in less congestion on the public highway approach to Bullpot Farm and blocking of the bridleway over to Barbondale, especially at weekends. The area is a popular parking spot for cavers visiting the Ease Gill Caverns system and for walkers on Casterton Fell area. The work consisted of hiring a mini digger and dumper truck to clear and level off the area. We then had a wagon load of road stone delivered and distributed by hand and then consolidated using a wacker plate.

One of the conditions of obtaining the grant is that Red Rose Cave & Pothole Club give publicity about the grant in the local press.

Mini digger

Delivery of road stone

Rough surface leveled off

In use 1 minute after the work was complete

Finishing off with wacker plate