Pierre Saint-Martin Summer Caving Trip

We now have been given permission from ARSIP for our proposed summer trip to the Pierre Saint-Martin system in August. “Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club : Traversées SC3 – Verna + toutes les autres classiques.”
The dates are:- 5 – 20 Aug 2017 and will be held again in conjunction with the CSCA

This permit overlaps with South Wales Caving Club permit – “South Wales Caving Club Traversées SC et TS / Verna. 30 Jul – 9 Aug 2017 ” and also links up with the ARSIP summer meet as well. Steve Gray will be organising the trip and full details will be given in the next News-sheet and on our Facebook page and email before then.

Steve Gray has booked Ibarra- Chantina campsite at Oloron St Marie, from Sunday 6th to Friday 18th August. This is the same site the CSCA are on. See link below.

If you intend to come please make your own camping bookings.
There will be a £25 deposit and tackle fee. Please could Steve have all £25 deposits posted to him in cheque form made out to Red Rose Cave & Pothole Club. NOT paid online. Bill Nix is aware of this and we have a plan.
Steve’s address is:
Steve Gray, 115 Hallgarth Circle, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 5 NY

Could he have them ASAP please. If people don’t have a cheque book can they please contact him. We intend to open the trip up to kindred clubs so get your spot booked soon.

This website about the La Verna show cave might interest those thinking of going in the summer. The biggest show cave chamber in the world

Message from Steve Gray. Please understand that this is a joint trip with the CSCA but being run as a club holiday with caving involved. If you want to bring friends and family that’s fine but anyone wishing to use club equipment or descend PSM will have to pay £25 and provide me with next of kin and insurance details before we depart.
Simon Lowis ( another rrcpc member) is the joint organiser and is also organising for the Csca. To put a few minds at rest this is NOT being run as a military operation or Berger type expedition but as a holiday. However it would be good to know rough dates people want to attend, so I can make sure we have enough people for rigging and de rigging.
I would also like some help getting kit out please.

Calendrier des activités

Our thanks to Si Lowis for his work over a few months on progressing this permit.