News Sheet & Newsletter

At the clubs recent Annual General Meeting a discussion was held on the future format, publication frequency and content of our club publications. It had become necessary to review what and when we publish in view of the infrequency of our Newsletter which was seriously affecting our ability to send exchanges with other clubs as well as providing for our members expectations of regular news and event reports. However the Newsletter Editor can only publish if you send him content. Andy Macdonald will therefore shortly publish what he has on file as the last of the present format.

After discussion it was decided to combine our Monthly News-Sheet with periodic inclusion of longer articles in place of a separate Newsletter. The publication of this new format will hopefully be quarterly but this depends on support from you the members in sending in trip reports and other interesting articles and photographs.

With this in mind, this month’s News-Sheet is somewhat of an experiment to see how it could look. What we need is comment and suggestions from you the members on what you think.
ie: Would you accept a mainly e-mailed format? Postage is very expensive to send out to all members, in the region of £100 per issue + another £100 printing costs. A5 is cheaper but needs professional printing and takes longer. Would you still want a printed edition?

In the meantime I will continue to produce a monthly News-Sheet with some précis of club trips, and Ray Duffy has taken up the job of coordinating articles from members which will appear in the new format probably every three months, say April, July, October and January.

PLEASE, Let us know your views on the future format, frequency, size, method of distribution etc. and we will decide in the coming weeks the best way forward.
REMEMBER without your input on a regular basis we can’t produce a decent publication.
Send you comments to:- m.wilkinson(at) or comment on Facebook Red Rose page or better still add to blog below.