Photo Competition 2017 Results

The competition was on Sat 4th February 2017 at Bullpot Farm. Results below. Quite a good selection of photos entered. Thanks to Boz for judging. It was a shame that there were only three entries for the Abroad Underground category, so Bill Nix won so easily. Photos will appear here as people send them to me. We hope to Get Andy Pringle to judge next year as he keeps winning. Click on each photo for a bigger picture.

Some other entries

Best UK Above Ground

  1st. Easedale Beck – Jane Chilton
  2nd. Starkers Portrait – Alex Anderson
  3rd. Vale of Desolation – Sam Lieberman

Best UK Underground

  1st. Flowstone, Inauguration caverns, Inglebrough cave – Bill Nix
  2nd. Stal Boss, Glasfurds passage, Gavel pot.– Bill Nix
  3rd. Pikedaw Calamine Caverns – Andy Hall

Abroad Above Ground

  1st. Camargue White Horses– Andy Pringle
2nd. Geysers del Tatio, Atacama, Chile – John Baker
  3rd. Humming Bird – Andy Pringle

Best Abroad Underground

  1st. Tham Lek Lek streamway, Krabi Thailand – Bill Nix
  2nd. A Pleistocene mud bank, Tham Lek Lek, self portrait – Bill Nix
  3rd. Everything is Nice  in Tham Lek Lek. – Bill Nix


  1st. Emergency Bog – John Baker
  2nd. Smile, Goat Fell, Isle of Arran – Sam Lieberman
  3rd. Steve Gray as a baby – Alan Martin

Giles Barker Award -Best overall

Camargue White Horses – Andy Pringle

Photo Competition & Calendar Photos:
There will be a separate display board available at the Photo Competition in February on which members can display their favorite caving shots for possible inclusion on the 2018 calendar. See link