Photography Competition 2016

Photo Competition 2016

Great attendance for this annual event. Lots of quality photos on display. Thanks must go to Boz for his excellent judging, especially as I won one category! Thanks also for all your contributions. Keep on snapping for nest year. Click on each photo thumbnail for bigger version

Andy Hall

Best UK Above Ground

bird 1st.

Sparrow Hawk on plucking post. Andy Pringle

clouds 2nd.

Lenticular clouds, Settle. Sam Lieberman

Bomber 3rd.

Beaufort Bomber & Boreray, St Kilda. Andy Hall

Best UK Below Ground

 Heron 1st.

Roxanne Ramsay, High Level Route Pitch, Heron Pot, Yorkshire Paul Swire

 Illusion 2nd.

Matthew Sedgeley in Rushton Chamber, Illusion Pot,Yorkshire. Paul Swire

 fungi 3rd.

Dry rot on log, Dunald Mill Cave. Sam Lieberman

Best Abroad Above Ground

moon 1st.

Lunar Mountains, Peru. Andy Hall

 tetons 2nd.

Grand Tetons, USA. Andy Pringle

 polar bears 3rd.

Polar Bears with Narwhal kill. Mel Wilkinson

Best Abroad Below Ground

 Nazeron 1st.

Emma Wilson admiring formations in Torca Naziron, Cantabria, Spain. Paul Swire

Thialand 2nd.

Tham Kai Tshing Tschog, Thailand. Bill Nix

 emma 3rd.

Emma Wilson descending to join Becka Lawson in Morero de Strama, Spain. Paul Swire



Dirty weekend. Andy Walsh

Best Overall Photo – Giles Barker Award

Sparrow Hawk on plucking post- Andy Pringle