Stone Hauling and Car Parking

20 ton of stone moved from the top of the lane to our newly created area at the side of the farm. As usual it was mainly committee members who turned up to help, with a couple of others (thanks Andy C.). Luckily the ladies from Glasgow Uni. stepped up to the mark to show it could be done and we completed the task in hand. Although this is now suitable for car parking PLEASE remember, don’t block cars in by parking across the entrance.

Work continues on eliminating the unsightly and very wet and muddy approaches to the entrance of Bullpot Farm. Many tons of hardcore has been wheel barrowed into place by Andrew Walsh, Ray Duffy and others and it is now more suited to the parking of members and visitors cars. We expect it to eventually grass over, thus restoring it to a more like it used to be before.

Click on pictures below for a better view.

Stone_1 Stone_2 Stone_3 Stone_4 Stone_5parking area