Photographic Competiton 2015

Photography Competition

A great night combined with Bill Nix’s birthday party. Results appear below with pictures as they get sent to me. Tickets were on Sale for raffle for Giles Barker Fund. Click on each image for larger picture. it’s a good job Scotland has not gone independant or all the UK winners would be in the Abroad catergory!

Best UK Under ground

1st. Toby Speight, Gwen in crawl to Gypsum Caverns gypsum_crawl
2nd. Toby Speight. Flooded shaft in Allt-y-Grib Lead Mine, Talybont. flooded_shaft
3rd. Toby Speight. Ystrad Einion copper mine, Wales mine_tracks

Best UK Above ground

1st. Andy Pringle. ‘Low Tide with Antony Gormley’  gormley
2nd. Toby Speight. View from Falls of Glomach, Scotland.  canyon
3rd. Tom Clayton. Callanish Standing Stones  CallenishStandingStones

Best Abroad Under ground

1st. Ray Duffy. Grotte de Bournillon, France SONY DSC
2nd. Ray Duffy. Holiday Slides, Gouffre Berger, France SONY DSC
3rd. Sam Lieberman. Holly Bradley at the Gouffre Bournillon
Entrance, France.

Best Abroad Above ground

1st Tom Clayton. Avatar Mountain
2nd. Andy Pringle.
3rd. Tom Clayton. Yu Long River


1st. Rowena Lieberman. Nasty chaffing, ‘Berger baggage boils’!
2nd. Bill Nix. Tah, Dah! Welcome to Broadway!
3rd. Sue Bohm. Corner Sink corner_sink

 Giles Barker Award

Ray Duffy’s Underground photo in Grotte de Bournillon