Lancaster Hole Conservation Work

Much work has been done recently by Andy Walsh and others in stabilizing the entrance to Gale Garth Pot. Thanks Andy.
Members should be aware that during the whole of May 2014 no permits will be issued to descend Lancaster Hole entrance shaft as conservation and repair work to the entrance is to undertaken in that period. Ray Duffy would love your help during this period. Updates will appear here as the work progresses.

Saturday 16th May saw the installation of the two concrete support rings in the entrance to Lancaster Hole. After several days of preparatory work by Ray Duffy and friends, a small team of club members and cavers from other clubs assembled at Bullpot Farm to load up the concrete rings, which were then transported by Andrew Hinde across the fell. Willing hands then ensured that they were lowered into place ready for the next stage… contact Ray Duffy if you can help.
An album of photos appears below and on the club Facebook page.

The last week of May has been finishing off work with cementing around the entrance, landscaping and removing all the equipment. The entrance will be open from June 1st 2014

Message from Ray Duffy:– I would like to thank those who attended for all your help in getting the rings down Lancaster Hole, it’s really appreciated. Now it’s my turn to do some hard work and finishing it all off. Thank heavens the weather god smiled on us, unlike last week.  Ray Duffy


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A. Whitney

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