Photographic Competition 2011 Results

The competition on Sat 15th January at Bullpot Farm was well attended. The weather was kind to us this year and access to the Farm was straightforward. Thanks again to Boz and his son for judging the photographs, a difficult task with so many entries this year. The standard was high but only a few entries in the Disposable Camera categories even though a number of cameras were issued.. Most of the placed photos will appear below as they are emailed to me in by members. Mark Shinwell’s photo in the PSM particularly impressed Boz as he had managed to capture such a large passage. If Andy Pringle keeps winning next year we will have to ask him to judge it in future!

The results are below: Click on smaller thumbnails for bigger image

UK Below ground

1st. Skirwith Cave. Sam Lieberman

2nd. Cheese Press. Toby Speight

3rd. Knock Fell Caverns. Andy Hall

UK Above ground

1st. Lenticular Clouds. Sam Lieberman

2nd. Walney Defenses. Andy Pringle

3rd. Highland Frogs. Heather Eastwood

Abroad Underground

1st. Gouffre Pierre St Martin. Mark Shinwell

2nd. Gallerie 43 Trou du Glaz. Andy Hall

3rd. Trou du Glaz. Sam Lieberman

Abroad Above ground

1st. Machhapuchre, Nepal. Andy Pringle

2nd. Picasso Fish. Andy Pringle


3rd. Via Ferrata, Chartreuse. Liz Lawton


1st. Broken in France. Tim Eastwood

2nd. Ray Ring. Sam Lieberman

3rd. Rocket. Jim Newton

Best Disposable Camera Photo Underground

Shuttleworth Pot. Andy Hall

Best Disposable Camera Photo Above ground

St Sunday Crag from Dollywagon Pike

Giles Barker Award for best overall photograph

Gouffre Pierre St Martin. Mark Shinwell