Photo Competition Results 2010

The competition on Sat 8th January at Burton in Lonsdale village hall was well attended. We will probably continue to hold it here as it is an all weather venue for this time of year and there is plenty of room to display the photographs.Thanks to Boz and his brother for judging the photographs, a difficult task with so many entries this year. The standard was high but only a few entries in the Abroad Underground category. Most of the placed photos will appear as they are sent in by members.

The results are below:

UK Underground

1st. Ibbeth Peril, Tim Eastwood

2nd. Rift traverse in Wretched Rabbit, Toby Speight

3rd. Self Portrait in Razor Rift, Isle of Skye

UK Above ground

1st. Scarp, western Isles, Hugh Penney

2nd. Windermere pier, Andy MacDonald

3rd. Glen Feshie, Heather Eastwood

Abroad Underground

1st. Simon Cornhill & Di Arthurs in Cueva Culiembro. Paul Swire

Cova de Sa Campana, Mallorca. Dave Ramsay

3rd. Eric Birkoff admiring aragonite formations in Suttaterra de su Predargiu, Sardinia. Paul Swire

Abroad Above ground

1st. Yellow Spotted Sideneck Turtles in Peru, Andy Pringle

2nd. Dancing Peruvian children, Sandra Wilkinson

3rd. Burning Figure, Benidorm, Jane Chilton


1st. Bearded tit, Andy Pringle

2nd. Second coming, Heather Eastwood

3rd. Quick, Run! Andy Hall

Giles Barker Award for best overall photograph

Turtles, Peru, Andy Pringle