Frank Addis Survey

This project was started by FRANK ADDIS and the NORTH MANCHESTER CAVING CLUB in the early 1980’s, and much work was done before Frank emigrated to Spain in 1989.

The notes were left with JIM EYRE who passed them on to THE RED ROSE on the condition that the re-survey of the Easegill Caverns was finished off.

Underground Photos

A Typical example of Frank Addis’ underground photographs, taken in order to be able to locate the Molephone Bases and Underground Survey points. This info was passed on to CRO for rescue purposes.

This photograph shows Julie Mundy (Addis) at Eureka Junction in County Pot, Molephone Base 2, taken inthe early 1980’s. Note the old Premier carbide lamp!

Surface Photos

A Typical example of a Frank Addis’ surface photo, taken in order to be able to locate the Molephone Bases on the surface. This info was also passed on to CRO for rescue purposes.

This photograph shows the location of MB4 on Casterton Fell just beyond the old wooden stile, (now replaced with a wooden fence) at the end of the staked route across Casterton Fell. Molephone Base 4 is Holbeck Junction.

Survey Notes from 1980’s.

Typical example of Frank’s notes from 6th December 1981. It shows a section of passage from Holbeck Junction back towards Stop Pot.

Notice how it includes X Y & Z converted co-ordinates. This was in the days before computers and cave survey programs. The data was worked out using log tables or if you were lucky a slide rule! It was then drawn up on graph paper. MB4 can be seen near the top of the drawing, while other notes show where bits of survey continue, when surveyed at a later date.

It was fortunate that Frank had kept meticulous records and sketches, although we found great difficulty getting all the data to connect up. It was only after extensive surface survey work that we realised that the available co-ordinates for the entrances were a little suspect to say the least. On re-fixing the entrances with the new data then everything became a little clearer and work on the rest of the system could continue.

All the  entrances and many of the original underground photographs have now been replaced with yellow tags to aid accuracy. Please do not tamper with these.