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VIDEO, SOUND & PICTURE COLLECTION                                                   (including speleological abstracts on CD)      
UPDATED:  29th. March 2010  
Video No. Title Description  
V01 Realm of Darkness 1 Elusive depths of Mexico, Hollow Mountain of Mulu, Otter Hole.  
V02 Realm of Darkness 2 Cigalere, Caves of Glass, Drowned River of Dracos  
V03 Sleets Gill etc.    
V04 South Wales Easter 1992  
V05 Cave Safe Enjoying and protecting the underground world in safety  
V06 RRCPC - May Day 1993 Club Meet Nidderdale, New Goydon Pot, Howstean Gorge  
V07 The Lost Caves of Cheddar    
V08 Realm of Darkness 3 Mexico, Otter Hole, Cigalere  
V09 Secret Depths Pippikin Pot  
V10 Lost River of Gaping Gill    
V11 Exploring the great outdoors    
V12 Caving    
V13 Cave Safe II    
V14 Caves of Thunder Gavin Newman  
V15 Cave Safe III    
V16 Sardinia 30 mins Sardinia Film, 2hrs 10 mins unedited, 10 mins Sardinia film  
V17 Diving, From the Past - Into the Future (Part 1) Early times - 1942  
V18 Diving, From the Past - Into the Future (Part 2) 1942 - Possible futures  
V19 Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club "'46-'96 ", "Do"" in the field, Jim and the Rock,   
    Memories of George Cornes, Photo Call Bull Pot, Bonfire Night '96,   
     Pig Roast '95, More digs, Winter comes to Bull Pot."  
V20 Cutting Edge Cave Rescue  
V21 Shout Ralph Johnson  
V22 New Zealand - Islands of Adventure    
V23 Gaping Gill 100 years of exploration  
V24 The Dig A Story of Live Exploration in Ogog Dreanen  
V25 Notts II Notts II sump to sump (20 mins),   
    Lost Johns entrance to 1st. Pitch (5 mins),  
    Cave Diving - Wookey Hole ( 1 hr 9 min), Caves in China,   
    Dog Holes - Carnforth, Dunald Mill Cave - Carnforth  
V26 Lechuguilla    
V27 Lowes Gully - Borneo    
V28 Cave Dive    
V29 Secrets of the Maya Underworld    
V30 Red Rose 2000 Expedition Felix Trombe - France  
V31 Planet Earth 2006 Mexico, Borneo, USA  
V32 Ultimate Caving Yorkshire, Mendips, South Wales & Derbyshire  
V33 Deep into the Labyrinth Sichuan '92 expedition SW China  
V34 Secret life of Caves Lechugilla & Mexico  
V35 Secrets of the Phamton Caverns (film)  
V36 Devons Underworld: 1. The Lure; 2. The Quest    
V37 Hidden Depths: 4. Where angels fear to tread Cave diving  
V38 Cave Rescue Yorkshire 1994  
V39 The River Lune: A seasonal journey from source to sea by Ron Bliss  
V40 The Abyss (film)  
V41 History of Climbing Equipment    
CD No. Title Description  
CD 20 Easegill Survey Data as of: December 2008  
CD 21 RRCPC Surveys Scanned copies - as of:  2009  
CD No. Title Description  
CD 1 RRCPC Collection of Glass Slides                           By Jack King and C. Wragg (NCFC)                 
   (1928-1931) Powerpoint Presentation  
CD 2 RRCPC Collection of Glass Slides                           By Jack King and C. Wragg (NCFC)                    
   (1928-1931) Microsoft Imaging Files  
CD 3 RRCPC Collection of Glass Slides                          By Jack King and C. Wragg (NCFC)                     
   (1928-1931) Bit Map Files  
CD 8 Ron Bliss Slide Collection                                        Catalogue and Selected images.                                                            
   (1950-2007) Compiled by Peter & Julie Mohr (2007)  
CD 16 Barbondale Photographs to accompany a lecture presented at BCRA Conference  
  (2008)  "Hidden Earth 2008"  
CD17/CD18 The Red Bus Trip to India  2 CD's of photographs dipicting the journey from England to India,   
     - British Speleological Expedition to India 1970. their stay in India and the  return journey in  a modified Preston   
    Corporation double decker bus. together with attched notes of a  
    lecture given to BCRA Conference  "Hidden Earth 2008"  
CD19 CD: Morecambe Rock & Pot Club -  Early Caving (1950-2007) A record of mainy early B/W slides of Jim's caving undertaken with  
     the club.  
Speleological Abstracts:  
CD 4 SA / BBS / CTS  CD-ROM No. 1. including:                                                                                                                                                                      
    Speleological Abstracts 28-34, (1989-1995)  
    Swiss Speleological Library,  
    Union Belge de Speleologie Bibliography  
CD 5 SA / BBS / CTS  CD-ROM No. 2. including:                                                                                                                                                                                
    Speleological Abstracts 28-35 (1989-1996),  
    Swiss Speleological Library catalogue,  
    Stalactite index  
CD 6 SA / BBS / CTS  CD-ROM No. 3. including:                                                                                                                            
    Speleological Abstracts 32-36 (1993-1997),  
    Swiss Speleological Library catalogue,   
    BCRA Transactions index  
CD 7 Kendal Caving Club  Publications: 1957-2007 PDF files of all publications  
RRCPC Newsletters on CD:  
CD 9 RRCPC Newsletter: (1995 to 2008) PDF and HTML Formats  
DVD No. Title Description  
DVD 1 Beneath the Pennines:                                                      Discovery of Lancaster Hole  
  Lancaster Hole    
DVD 2 Fight for Life: The story of the heroic attempt to rescue a trapped caver from the narrow confines of a shaft in the depths of Peak Cavern in March 1959  
  The Neil Moss Story  
DVD 3 A tribute to Mike Wooding Mike Wooding died of a heart attack in August 2006 whils diving in Meregill Skit in Chapel-le-dale at the age of 63. He was one of Britain's most influential cave divers and cavers  
DVD 4 A Tribute to Giles Barker Giles Barker lost his life while caving in Spain in 1992.  
    This DVD  is a slide showe of some of his photographs….  
DVD 5 Frank Addis Slide Show A selection of Franks photographs taken whilst surveying in Ease Gill Caverns in the 1980's.  
DVD 6 Realm of Darkness:     
  Otter Hole    
DVD 7 Realm of Darkness:     
  Forbidden Secrets of The Cigalere    
DVD 8 Lost River of Gaping Gill:     
DVD 9 Yorkshire Underground Classics: Featuring The Bradford Pothole Club  
  Alum Pot    
DVD 10 Caverns of Casterton Fell: Slide show and narrative by Ron Bliss    
  the early years featuring many of his early Easegill photographs  
DVD 11 The River Lune:   by Ron Bliss  
  A seasonal journey from source to sea    
DVD 12 Lancaster Photographic Society: by Ron Bliss  
  visit Ingleborough Cave    
DVD 13 Adventure Challenge:  Ogof Draenan  
DVD 14 Autumn Watch:    BBC Autumn Watch transmission of Bats in Link Pot  
  Bats in Link Pot November 2007  
DVD 15 Daren Cilau A film by Steve Sharp (2008)  
DVD 16 The Titan from the Top The story of one of the UK's mpst ambitious Cave Digs. 1999-2003  
DVD 17 The Underground Eiger YTV  
DVD 18 Caving is a Serious Business Filmed by Sid Perou and members of the Bradford Pothole Club  
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CD No. Title Description  
CD10 Annual Dinner Tape Shows  (1956-1958) 1956: Journey to the Centre of the Earth.                                    
    1957: 36 Hours Down Mother Shipton's Well.                    
    1958: The Moonrakers  
CD11 Annual Dinner Tape Shows  (1959-1961) 1959: The Hole Theives                                            
    1960: The Red Rose meets Frankenstein.                                     
    1961: The Mystery of Mad Magrew  
CD12 Annual Dinner Tape Shows  (1962-1964) 1962: The Red Rose meet the Pirates              
    1963: The Red Rose and the War of the Roses      
    1964: The Great Welsh Mystery  
CD13 21st. Anniversary Year Tape Shows  (1967) 1967:  21st. Birthday Show  
    1967:  The Re-Opening of Top Sink  
    1967:  The Bog Watchers Dilema  
CD14 Annual Dinner Tape Shows  (1968-1969-1971) 1968:  The Great Race of Soissant Neuf  
    1969: T  
    1971: T  
CD15 Annual Dinner Tape Shows  (1972-1974) 1972:  2The Red Rose in Majorca  
    1973:  Supercaver  
    1974:  Escape from Colditz: Part 1.  
    1974:  Escape from Colditz: Part 2.  
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