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Easegill Re-Survey

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Ease Gill - Sheet 1 2001, - 2nd Edition (2007)

Ease Gill - Sheet 2 (2003)

Ease Gill - Sheet 3 (2006)

Ease Gill - Trident Series (2006)

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Journal 1960

No surveys

Journal No 1 (1962)

Moss House Mine - Warton Crag

Journal No 2 Section 1 (1963)

Secret Pot - Barbondale
Wonderland Cave - Barbondale

Journal No 2 Section 2 (1963)

Dog Holes
Ease Gill - Dry Dock
Ease Gill - Lower Snail Series

Journal No 3 (1964)

Crag Foot Mine - Warton Crag
Crag Foot Mine(Section) - Warton Crag
Dunald Mill Hole
Ease Gill - Upper Trident (Section)
Ease Gill - Upper Trident

Journal No 4

Published jointly with Lancaster Cave and Mine Research Society (LCMRS) as North West Speleology No. 1 Vol 1

Gaze Gill Cave
Hale Moss Caves Area
Hazel Grove Cave
Kingsdale Head Cave
West Kingsdale Head Area

Journal No 5 (1970)

Ayegill Cavern - Red Rose Series
Bull Pot of the Witches
Lancaster Hole - Bill Taylors Extension
Lancaster Hole - Montegue Sth - Skittle Alley
Stainton Cavern

Journal No 6 (1972)

Gale Garth Pot
Hellot Hole
Howgill Sink Etc
Kirk Pot
Lancaster Hole - Aardvark Country
Lancaster Hole - Sand Caverns Ext
Lancaster Hole - The Crater
Lancaster Hole - Wilf Taylors Ext
Pegleg Pot

Journal No 7 (1977)

Ease Gill - Fukuyama
Ease Gill - New Slit Sinks
Fairy Cave
Heron Corn Mill Cave
Malham Moor Mineralisation
Moss Head Slate Mines - Coniston
Paper Mill Cave
Yew Tree Cave

Journal No 8 (1983)

Back Lane Quarry Cave - Carnforth
Boulder Pot - Leck Fell
Bull Pot of the Witches - Cascade Aven
Ease Gill - Depot Passage Extension
Ease Gill - Wisdom Tooth Extension
Kirk Bank Cave - Dentdale
Lancaster Hole - Wilf Taylors 2
Lancaster Hole - Woodhouse Way
Porthole - Barbondale

Journal No 9 (1992)

Bank Holiday Hole - Leck Fell
Daimler Hole - Bruntscar
Ease Gill - Wretched Rabbit Entrance
Hellot Hole - Ease Gill
Ringle Mill
Sylvester Pot and Dismal Bypass
Wretched Rabbit Entrance (Elev)

50 Years Anniversary Journal (1996)

Ease Gill - RRCPC Discoveries

Journal No 10 (1993-2009) - The following surveys are contained in the current Journal No. 10 (copies available through the Librarian)

Mossdale Caverns, Stukbar Pot, Jinglepot Hole, Far Away in time - Echo Pot, Penyghent Pot - Kaboom Aven Area, + Interdiction Streamway, Five Ways Pot, Mudfoot Hole, Jenkin Beck Cave, Goesunder Pot, Bilberry Pot, Black Sliver Pot, Double Bucket Pot, Boulder Cave, Tin Pot Two, OS Pot, Green Laids Pot, True Grit, Ireby Fell Caverns - THe Bolton Extensions + Bubbles Route, Notts II - Poppy Passage + Inlet 7 + Haywagon Passage +Green Tape Inlet, Short Long Drop Cave, Bye George Pot, Pippikin Pot - Beelzebub's Hairy Ringpiece + Svengland, + Bargain Passage + The Hobbit, Peterson Pot, Link Pot - Echo Echo Pot Pot + Easy Street + Cobble Crawl + Misery Street , Easegill - The Dark Side of the Grind + Leck Beck Head + Boulder Cave Extensions + Lower Kirk Cave 6 + Mir Hole + Old Holborn Cave + St. Georges Cave + Second Best Hole + Cliff Cave, The Borehole, Pool Sink - Baby Feeders Passage, WRetched Rabbit Passage - Dreamweaver, Swildon Hole, Corner Sink & Upper Trident, Lancaster Hole - THe Subway + Saturday Afternoon Series + The Fork Handles Series + Sand Caverns, Shorty Hole, Cow Pot - BSA Extensions, Bullpot of the Witches - Kerplunk Inlet + North Chamber Extensions, Top Tip, Herbert's Hole, Our Lady's Cave - Aygill + Aven beyond Curtain Chamber, The Churns, Bucket-on-the-Head, Battery-on-the-Head, Barkin Mad Cave, Sig Pot, Hanging Pot, Rumbling Hole - Dead Dobbin Series, Ireby Fell Caverns, Boundary Pot.

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