Wretched Rabbit Survey

Now that Sheet 2 of the Ease Gill Survey has been published we are working on to the next sheet. This includes the County Pot, Wretched Rabbit and Pool Sink area and is well under way. We are surveying in Wretched Rabbit area at the moment. Over 2km has been surveyed in this area already and we have made several discoveries including Dreamweaver. Below is a plan of what has been done so far. As you will see there is far more passage shown here than on the old survey and probably more to find. We still have quite a lot to do in the middle part of Wretched Rabbit, Depot 1.5 and Depot 2. If you would like to help explore and survey this little visited section of Ease Gill Caverns and be in on the next discovery let Ray know.

We have surveyed a bit more in recent weeks - Andy & Hugh. See below!

R.R.C.P.C 2003