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Catalogue No. Country Title Produced by Additional Information Date
P1a UK Cheddar, Cox's Cavs, General view Photochrom Co. Ltd. Photo No. 51110  
P1b UK Cheddar, Cox's Cavs, Transformation Scene "Reflections" Photochrom Co. Ltd. Photo No. 72176  
P2a UK The Cross Roads -  Exeter Underground passages Walter Scott Photo No. HH873  
P2b UK The Stepping Stones - Exeter Underground Passages Walter Scott Photo No. HH876  
P3a UK The Escape of the River Axe from Wookey Hole Cave J. Arthur Dixon Ltd. Photo No. D1  
P3b UK The Witch's Kitchen, Wookey Hole Cave J. Arthur Dixon Ltd. Photo No. D2  
P3c UK The Witch of Wookey, Wookey Hole Cave J. Arthur Dixon Ltd. Photo No. D3  
P3d UK The Subterranean River Axe in Wookey Hole Cave J. Arthur Dixon Ltd. Photo No. D4  
P3e UK The Inner Grotto, Wookey Hole Cave J. Arthur Dixon Ltd. Photo No. D5  
P3f UK The Witch's Parlour, Wookey Hole Cave J. Arthur Dixon Ltd. Photo No. D6  
P4 UK Booklet: The Cliffs & ……..(remainder of title unknown due to damaged cover)   …….signed by William Gough    William Gough, Cheddar. Book of 17 photogravure pictures + text  
    - Stalagmite Pillars. A beatiful reflected group    
    - R.C. Gough. Discoverer of the cave    
    - William Gough. Son of the discoverer    
    - The Lion Rock & entrance to the gorge    
    - The Wild splendour of Cheddar    
    - The Pinnacles and horseshoe bend    
    - Rock of Ages. Burrington Coombe    
    - The Peal of Bells, Beatiful Reflections, A fine group of Curtains, The Pillar in  Aladdin's Cave, The Diamond Stream. - group of 5    
    - Types of Pendant Forms. The Stalactite & The Curtain.    
    - Reflected Stalagmite Pillars in pure white & red.    
    - A unique Pillarof beautiful form & colour.    
    - The Organ Pipes.    
    - The Archangel's Wing.    
    - Pillars of wonderful variety & form. Solomon's Temple.    
    - The Cheddar Skull  of Paleolithic Man.    
P5 UK 12x Natural Colour Photographs of Cheddar and Cox's Cave                                     - "The Home of the Rainbow" Colour Photographs (British and Foreign) Limited Book of 12 photographs with forward by S.P.B. Mais  
P6a UK Brixham Cave Unknown    
P6b UK White Scar Cave? Unknown    
P7 China Scenes from along the Li River Guang Xi Fine Arts Publishing Centre Pack of 10 postcards 1996
P8 China Beautiful Gullin Landscape Foreign Language Press, Beijing China Pack of 12 postcards + text  
P9a France Aven D'Orgnac (Ardeche) - Stalagmite en forme de <Pomme de Pin> (h. 12m) (-50) Photo Albert Perret -Pont-Saint-Esprit (Gard) Photo No.27 1954
P9b France Aven D'Orgnac (Ardeche) - Le Dromadaire et la Baionnette (-50) Photo Albert Perret -Pont-Saint-Esprit (Gard) Photo No.116 1954
P9c France Aven D'Orgnac (Ardeche) - Les Divergentes et les Draperies <Salle Basse> (-100) Photo Albert Perret -Pont-Saint-Esprit (Gard) Photo No.175 1954
P10 France Grotte de la Luire (Vercors) Edition R.Vigne - Studio Photo - DIE (Drome) Photo No.35  
P11a UK Cox's Cave, Cheddar. "A String of Poultry". Unknown    
P11b UK The Diamond Stream, Gough's Cave, Cheddar Unknown    
P12 UK The Colonnades, Lancaster Hole Photo: Paul Deakin FRPS <Bernies>    
P13 UK Merry Christmas - Bullpot Farm Ron Bliss    
P14 France Gourdon-en-Quercy (Lot). 7. Un Coin de la salle des peintures (le grand bouquetin) Unknown Editions Photo "Ged"  
P15 France En Quercy - Les Grottes de LaCave: 85/3 - Les Trois Parques Photo: P. Domene Editions des Grottes de LaCave  
P16 UK The Craven Dales. The map is pictorial but not practical ….. J.J. Waterfall's, Booksellers, Skipton. Note to Ron Bliss from …..?  
P17 France Grotte de Niaux: Centre pour du porche d'entrιe de la grotte Castelet. Boulogne    
P18 UK St. Clements Caves, Hastings    15C. To Wilf Taylor  
P19 UK Easegill Cave, Leck F.Crossley, Kirkby Lonsdale No. 1370  
P20 France Grottes de Medous - Bagneres-de-Bigorre, Hautes Pyrenees: La Cascade du Patriarche Alix - Bagneres de Bigarre No. 105  
P21 Italy Capri - Grotta Azzarra (Blue Grotto)   7-009  
P22 France Grottes Prehistorique de Lascaux, Montignac-sur-Vezere (Dordogne) Windels - Montignac (Dgne)    
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