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  ACA Army Caving Association: (See Also Combined Services Caving Association)
  ACRMSE Anglo Canadian Rocky Mountains Speleological Expedition
  AMCS Association for Mexican Cave Studies
  B + Number Book:  (Find book number via. the "Books by Number" Web Page)
  BACI British Association of Caving Instructors
  BC British Caver, The
  BCA British Caving Association
  BCC Burnley Caving Club
  BCRA British Cave Research Association
  BCRA-B  - Bulletin
  BCRA-CC  - Caves and Caving
  BCRA-CP  - Compass Points
  BCRA-S  - Speleologist
  BCRA-T  - Transactions
  BDPCE Belgian-Dutch Phillipines Caving Expedition
  BEC Bristol Exploration Club
  BICC Bentham & Ingleton Caving Club
  BMC British Mountaineering Council
  BMRS British Mine Research Society
  BPC Bradford Pothole Club
  BSA British Speleological Association
  BSA-CC  - Caves and Caving
  BSA-J  - Journal
  BSA-P  - Proceedings
  BSC Bolton Speleo Club
  BTMCC Black & Tans Mountaineering & Caving Club
  BUSS Birmingham University Speleological Society
  C&C Cave and Crag Club
  CAI Club Alpino Italiano
  CANC Canadian Caver, The
  CAT Cumbria Amenity Trust
  CC Caves and Caving
  CCC Cambrian Caving Council
  CCPC Crewe Climbing & Potholing Club
  CCPR Central Council For Physical Recreation
  CDG Cave Diving Group
  CDG-N Cave Diving Group - Northern
  CERB Cerberus Speleological Society
  CFMOTT C.F. Mott College Of Education Pot-Holing Society
  CGEO Commissione Grotte Eugenio Boegan
  CI Caving International
  CMSU Cave and Mine Survey Unit
  CNCC Council of Northern Caving Clubs
  CNSC Council of Southern Caving Clubs
  CPC Craven Pothole Club
  CPS Cave Preservation Society
  CRG Cave Research Group of Gt. Britain
  CRG-N  - Newsletter
  CRG-T  - Transactions
  CRO Cave Rescue Organisation
  CROY Croydon Caving Club
  CSCA Combined Services Caving Association
  CSS Chelsea Speleological Society
  CTS Current Titles In Speleology
  CUBA Academia De Ciencias De Cuba
  CUCC Cambridge University Caving Club
  D Descent
  DCA Derbyshire Caving Association
  DH Die Hohle
  SP(D&N) Derbyshire & Northern Speleologist Groups
  Dorset Dorset Caving Group
  DSG Derbyshire Speleological Group
  EEB Espeleologiako Eusko Batzordea
  EMRG Earby Mine Research Group
  EN English Nature
  EPC Eldon Pothole Club
  E Expedition Reports: Additional Reports May Be Listed By "Club" 
  EUSS Exeter University Speleological Society
  FBE Federacio Balear D' Espeleologia
  FCE Federacion Cantabra De Espeleologia
  GC Gritstone Club, The
  GCC Grosvenor Caving Club
  GEBCM Grup D'espeleologia De Badalona  Coro Marina
  GSG Grampian Speleological Group
  GSS Gloucester Speleological Society
  GSSG Gruppo Speleologico San Giusto
  HCC Hades Caving Club
  HOLL Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hollochforschung  Agh
  HWCPC Happy Wanderers Cave And Pothole Club
  IC International Caver
  ICCC Imperial College Caving Club
  ICRC Israel Cave Research Center
  IE Inside Earth
  KCC Kendal Caving Club
  LCCC Lancashire Caving and Climbing Club
  LCMRS Lancaster Cavern and Mine Research Society
  LDSC Lancaster  Local District Sports Council
  LNUCA Leicester and Nottingham Universities Caving Association
  London London University Caving Clubs
  LP Leeds Polytechnic
  LS See: Loose Survey Catalogue
  LSG London Speleological Group
  LUG Lancashire Underground Group
  LUPC Liverpool University Potholing Club
  LUSS Lancaster University Speleological Society
  LUUSS Leeds University Union Speleological Society
  MC  Mendip Caver, The
  MCG Mendip Caving Group
  MNRC Mendip Nature Research Committee
  MS Mondo Sotterraneo
  MSG Moldywarps Speleological Group
  MSP Manifold Speleological Project
  MU Mississippi Underground
  MUSS Manchester University Speleological Society
  NCA National Caving Association
  NCC Northern Cave Club
  NCFC Northern Cavern & Fell Club
  NCMRS Northern Cavern & Mine Research Society
  NEG Northern Exploration Group
  NGS National Geographic Society
  NMCC North Manchester Caving Club
  Norway Norwegian Speleological Society
  NPC Northern Pennine Club
  NRCG North Ribblesdale Caving Group
  NRO Northern Rescue Organisation
  NSDE Nova Scotia Department Of Education
  NSG Northern Speleological Group
  NSS National Speleological Society
  NSSS Nova Scotia Speleological Society
  OCC Orpheus Caving Club
  ODF Oman Diving Federation
  OMSG Operation Mole Speleological Group
  OUCC Oxford University Cave Club
  OUEC Oxford University Exploration Club
  PDMHS Peak District Mines Historical Society
  QMCCC Queen Mary College Cave Club
  RDCC Rubber Duck Caving Club
  RFDCC Royal Forest of Dean Caving Club
  RRCPC Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club
  RUCC Reading University Caving Club
  S Speleo: (See Also Waltham College Technical College & North East London Polytechnic.
  SA Spoeleological Abstracts
  SB L'equipe Speleo De Bruxelles 
  SC Sports Council, The
  SCG Speleo Club Godinnois
  SCP Speleo Club Perigueux
  SEETCCC South East Essex Technical College Caving Club
  SI (Speleologica) Societa Speleologica Italiana
  SMC Shropshire Mining Club
  SMCC Shepton Mallet Caving Club
  SN Speleo Nederland
  SP Speleologist, The
  SP(D&N) Speleologist, The (Derbyshire & Northern)
  SPNI Society For Protection Of Nature In Israel
  SS Sheet Survey: (see Sheet Survey Page)
  SSS Societe Suisse De Speleologie
  SSW Societe Speleologique De Wallonie
  SUI Speleological Union Of Ireland
  SUMC Sheffield University Mountaineering Club
  SUSS Sheffield University Speleological Society
  SWCC South Wales Caving Club
  TCC Tasmanian Caverneering Club
  TSG Technical Speleological Group
  UBS L' Union Belge De Speleologie
  UBS Union Belge De Speleologie
  UBSS University of Bristol Speleological Society
  UIS Union Internationale De Speleologie
  ULDPA University Of Liverpool Department Of Prehistoric Archaeology
  ULDPE University Of Leeds, Department Of Physical Education
  ULSA University Of Leeds Speleological Association
  UNU University Of Nottinghanm Union
  USB Unione Speleologica Bolognese
  WBCRT West Brecon Cave Rescue Team
  WC  Waltham College Trechnical College & North East London Polytechnic.
  WCC Wessex Cave Club
  WP Association Of The William Pengelly Cave Research Centre:  
  WP William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust Limited
  WRPC White Rose Pothole Club
  WSG Westminster Speleological Group
  WVC West Virginia Caver, The
  YSS Yorkshire Subterranean Society
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