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Sheet 1: LANCASTER HOLE (2nd. Edition) NOW PUBLISHED! - £7.50

Scale 1:750 (size approx. A1) TWO COLOUR including 24 page companion guide

also available

Sheet 2: LANCASTER HOLE: Stake Pot to Oxbow Corner - £5.00

Scale at 1:750 (size approx. A1) TWO COLOUR including 20 page companion guide

Sheet 3: COUNTY POT: Wretched Rabbit and Snail Cavern to Holbeck Junction - £7.50

Scale at 1:750 (size approx. A1) TWO COLOUR including 44 page companion guide

also: a special sheet


Enlarged Scale of 1:200 for better clarity (size approx A1 )


All 4 in this series of surveys and companion guides are available from:- "Bernies Caving Shop" and "Inglesport" - both in Ingleton, North Yorkshire UK

or direct from:- RRCPC, 7 Broadacre, Caton, Lancaster. LA2 9NF

(please add £1 for post + packing or ... £2 if surveys posted in a roll)

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Newsletter: Vol. 45 No. 4 (October 2008)

Jim Eyre, Fear of Heights, Top Sink Surveying Meet, Harry Holliday's Photo Album,- Lancaster Hole 1956, Fair Exchange is no Robbery, Family Caving Day, Alternative Conference Report, Rescue Practice Weekend, Club Library - From the archives 1950 + Recent additions.

Photographs: Cimbing photos - Peter Devlin (various), Lancaster Hole - Harry Holliday (various), Family Caving Meet - Andy Hall, Rescue Practice Weekend - Ray Duffy (various).

News-Sheet: No. 239: (August 2008)

For the latest club news-sheet mambers may click on the "NEWSSHEET" link on the left hand panel

62nd. Annual Dinner: Menu Card (2008)

CD: RRCPC Newsletters (1998 to 2008) PDF and HTML Formats.



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Other Caving Club's publications recently received:

* Association for Mexican Cave Studies (AMCS):

Activities Newsletter: Nos. 10 & 11 (July 1979/December 1980)

British Caving Association:

Newsletter No. 9 (May 2008)

Handbook 2007-2008

British Caver:

* Vols. 108-109 (Autumn/Winter 1989), Vols. 113-114 (Winter 1991/2 & Summer 1992)

* Vols. 123 (2000)

British Cave Research Association:

Newsletter No. 9 (May 2008)

Cave Radio & Electronics Group - Journal No. 70 + Supplement (March 2008)

Speleology: No. 12 (Summer 2008)

Caves and Kardst Science: Vol. 34 No. 2.

British Mountaineering Council:

Summit 49 (Spring 2008)

Members Handbook (2008)

* Canadian Caver, The:

Vol. 16 No. 2 (Fall 1984)

Cave Diving Group:

Newsletter Nos. 169 ( October 2008)

Cave Rescue Organisation:

Rescue 2008

* Cerberus Speleological Society:

Journal: Vol. 8 Nos. 1-3, 5 (1978), Vol. 9 Nos. 1, 4-6. (1979), Vol. 10 Nos. 2-4, 6, (1980)

Vol. 11 Nos. 2, 4. (1981), Vol. 13 No. 4. (1983), Vol. 14 Nos. 3-5. (1984)

Vol. 22 No. 3. (1994)

Chelsea Speleological Society:

Newsletter: Vol. 50 No. 11 ( November 2008 )

Craven Pothole Club:

Record No. 92 (October 2008)

* Croydon Caving Club:

Pelobates: Nos 31-34 (1977)

Derbyshire Caver:

No. 129 (Autumn 2008)

* Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation:

Newsletter: No. 6 (August 2000)

Descent Magazine:

No. 204 ( October/November 2008)

Grampian Speleological Group:

Bulletin - fourth series Vol.3 No. 5 (October 2008)

Grosvenor Caving Club:

Newsletter : Issues142. (February 2008)

Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society:

Hong Meigui Yunnan Resurgenses 2004 & Yunnan 2004 Joint Expedition Report

Imperial College Caving Club:

Journal No. 22: The Hollow Mountain (1974-2006) - Jamarska Sekcija Pd Tolmin (2007)

* Lancashire Caving & Climbing Club

Bulletin (Summer '76)

Mendip Caving Group:

* MCG News Nos. 107 (July 1974)

MCG News Nos. 349-351 (April, June, August 2008)

* Mississippi Underground Dispatch:

Vol. V No. 12 (December 1978), Vol. V Nos. 3-5, 7-10 (March -October 1979)

* Netherworld News, The:

Pittsburgh Grotto of the National Speleological Society:

Vol. VII No. 6 (June 1959)

* Orpheus Caving Club:

Newsletter: Vol. 38 No. 3 (March 2002)

Oxford University Caving Club:

Proceedings No. 14 (2007) The Silence and the Darkness

Societa Speleologica Italiana:

Speleologia, Anno XXVIII - (Dicembre 2007)

Societe Speleologique de Wallonie:

Regards No. 68 - Speleo info - (Mai 2008)

South Wales Caving Club:

Newsletter 126

SWETC Caving Club:

50th. Anniversary Souvenir Issue: Vol. 17 No. 1 (2008)

* Wessex Cave Club:

Journal: No. 168-170 Vol. 14. (1977)

Westminster Speleological Group:

Newsletter No. 2008/2 (April 2008), 2008/3 (July 2008)


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Other Books and Publications recently received:

Gough's Cave, Cox's Cave & Wookey Hole. Somerset, (1900-1980) - A catalogue of the postcards of: D.J. Irwin (Dec. 1980)

The Yorkshire Dales, Landscapes and Geology: Tony Waltham (2008)

Cave Conservation and Restoration: Val Hildreth-Werker & Jim C. werker (2006) National Speleological Society USA

Speleologia: No. 58. Anno XXIX (Giugno 2008)

Endins: Publicacio D'Espeleologia Federacio Balear D'Espeleologia No. 31 (Novembre 2007)

EspeleoSie: No. 32 (Octubre 1993)

The Caves of North-East Wales - an introduction to (Flintshire and Denbighshire) (2008) Cris Ebbs

The Milwr Tunnel - Bagillt to Loggerheads - second (colour ) edition 2008 Cris Ebbs

* Calavan 14 (2004-2005) Speleo Club Alpin Languedocien - (French)

Other items:

*RAB Selection of ten of Ron Bliss's diarys (1943 - 1952)

*RAB 2007 Caving Calendar (Speleo Projects)

Other New Acquisitions or Donations: donations are marked (*)

The Red Rose has been fortunate to have recently been bequeathed all of the late Ron Bliss's caving books, sound recordings and photographs.

The task of cataloguing this material will take some time, and we are grateful to Pete Mohr, Jim Newton, Mel and Sandra Wilkinson for their time in undertaking this work.

As items are catalogued and listed here they be be prefixed by: *RAB

Other donations by Mendip Caving Group and David St. Pierre.

 *RAB Catalogue of Ron Bliss, Slides, Prints and Tape Recordings: - see archive material

*RAB British Caving - an introduction to speleology - C.H.D. Cullingford (1953) 

*RAB Wayside Guides to Settle District (date unknown) - No. 4. Giggleswick Scar and Caves

*RAB Wayside Guides to Settle District (date unknown) - No. 5. Settle to Scaleberg Foss and Attermire

*RAB Wayside Guides to Settle District (date unknown) - No. 8. Settle to Catterick Foss

*RAB Wayside Guides to Settle District (date unknown) - No. 13. Natural History Notes (Settle area)

*RAB Wayside Guides to Settle District (date unknown) - No. 19. Malham to Gordale Scar

*RAB Guide to the Caves of Furness (1958)

*RAB Guide to the Fossil Plants of the British Museum (1935)

*RAB Guide to the Fossil Mammels of the British Museum (1934)

*RAB Guide to the Fossil Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians of the Geology and Paleaantology Department (1935)

*RAB Dalesman (January 1998)

*RAB Yorkshire Dalesman (June 1947)

*RAB Yorkshire Dalesman (October 1947)

*RAB English Lake District, The - illustrated guide (1925)

*RAB Roads and Trackways of the English Lake District, (1984)

*RAB Caves of LaCave - illustrated guide

*RAB Grottes de Han sur Lesse & de Rochefort - illustrated guide

*RAB Caving: Arthur Gemmell (1954) - Extract from "Out of Doors and Countrygoer"

*RAB Museum of Practical Geology - Short Guide to the Exhibits (Geological Museum) (1946)

* It's Only a Game - Jim Eyre (2008)  Special limited hardback edition of 15 copies (signed copy with dedication)

* The Game Goes On - Jim Eyre (2008)  Special limited hardback edition of 15 copies (signed copy with dedication)



*RAB Boxed collection of 141 3" x 3" glass caving slides - mainly taken by Ron Bliss.

*RAB Collection of 6156 2" x 2" photographic slides - taken by Ron Bliss. (not all caving related)


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Recent new DVD, Video and CD-ROM:


Barbondale: Photographs to accompany a lecture by Andrew Walsh on the "Caves of Barbondale" (Hidden Earth Conference 2008)


Autumn Watch: Bats in Link Pot - BBC (2007)

Ultimate Adventure - Ogof Draenan (2007) National Geographic

Fight for Life - The Neil Moss Story - David Webb (2006)

A Tribute to Mike Wooding - Sid Perou (2006)

A Tribute to Giles Barker - Andy Whitney(2007) - A collection of Giles Barkers photographs

Frank Addis Slide Show - (2007) - Photographs taken by Frank during his surveying work in Ease Gill Caverns during the 1980's

Realm of Darkness - Forbidden Secrets of the Cigalere (Sid Perou)

Realm of Darkness - Otter Hole (Sid Perou)

The Lost River of Gaping Gill - Breakthrough (Sid Perou)

Yorkshire Underground Classics - Alum Pot (Bradford Pothole Club)

*RAB Casterton Fell - the early years (2007) Narrative and slide show by the late Ron Bliss

*RAB The River Lune: A seasonal journey from source to sea. (Ron Bliss)

*RAB Lancaster Photographic Society visit Ingleborough Cave (Ron Bliss)

Ron Bliss Slide Catalogue (2007) - Catalogue of slides + selection of images


Ultimate Caving (2007)

*RAB Deep into the Labyrinth

*RAB The secret life of Caves (Lechuguilla + Mexico)

*RAB Secrets of the Phamtom Caves (film)

*RAB Devons Underworld: - 1. The Lure 2. The Quest

*RAB Hidden Depths: 4. Where angels fear to tread (Cave diving)

*RAB Cave Rescue - Yorkshire (1994)

*RAB The River Lune: A seasonal journey from source to sea. (Ron Bliss)


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Cave Surveys added to library:

Easegill Caverns:

- Sheet 3. Snail Cavern to Holbeck Junction - Scale 1:750 (2006) see: For Sale

- Special Sheet Trident Series - County Pot - Scale 1:200 (2006) see: For Sale

White Scar Caves - Eli Simpson/T. Greenwood (1933-1934)

Boundary Pot - Ease Gill (1951)

Boundary Pot - Ease Gill (1949)

Ease Gill Caves - Ease Gill (1949)

Top Sink Pot - Ease Gill (1952)

Pool Sink - Ease Gill (Preston Polytechnic Group)

Surprise Pot (Cyprus)

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