The Crumbles


Over the past few years Sam Lieberman and I have tried pushing this cave, surveying it and now itís time to try to save it. It is nestled under a small cliff face about thirty metres downstream of Mistral and just where Ease Gill gets very close. So close that sometimes the water flows in the entrance, not a big problem except it carries logs, leaves and dead things

with it. With this in mind I decided to make a lid to cover the entrance, however, I miscalculated the size. Actually I didnít even calculate it, I guessed, badly!



The first conservation visit took about 4 hours and then the finishing off took only a couple of hours. I was lucky to enlist (strong-armed) the help of some students to carry the first lot of planks over there from the farm, thanks for that CHECC. Bill and Sue Osborne helped carry the remainder over on the next weekend, thanks both of you. So now thereís a lid on the cave with a hatch to get in through and room for the bats to get in and out. Hopefully the wood will attract attention and more people will have a look in there as there are two chambers that seem to have disappeared over time and we want them back.

(photos by: Sue Osborne)



The Crumbles

Ray Duffy


As thick as five short planks

As thick as three short planks!
















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