RRCPC Newsletter

Volume 55 Number 1

January 2018



Boxing Day Walk,                                                                                                   Sandra Wilkinson    


The Discovery of Poll Breugair - Applecross                                                            Toby Speight                     


Tan Hill 600:   11thJune:   What Really Happened!                                                    Dalek                       


The Stockdale's of Bullpot Farm                                                                            Tom Sykes             


Alum Pot - 1st. day of Advent                                                                                 Bill Nix                          


Cuckoo Cleeves - Mendip weekend                                                                          Bill Nix                           


The Crumbles                                                                                                        Ray Duffy             


Beyond my comfort zone: Caving in the Totes Gebirge                                             Becka Lawson         


Three Counties Survey data and relationship to the surface Topography                 Andy Hall              


Casserole Pot Update                                                                                             Andy Hall                



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