Let's talk Risk!






Weíre cavers right (some climbers, divers, skiers, cyclists etc.), so we are constantly aware of the risks involved in what we do as fun. However, quite often the most dangerous place, where most accidents occur, we ignore, The Home or in our case Bullpot Farm. The recent problems with the Fire Alarm (that have now been thankfully solved by the wonderful Bev Stevens) highlighted how vulnerable we were. Should the worst ever have happened and someone Ďpegged-ití in a fire then I, as President and maybe the whole committee, could have landed up in prison, not a great prospect. Having recently escaped prison, by upgrading our Water Supply, I had no wish to end up there because our Fire Safety wasnít up to scratch. A Fire Safety Assessment was carried out by yours truly (and another much more knowledgeable person) and has led to many simple and very necessary changes around the farm. (Most of the things weíve changed you probably wonít even notice). Iím sure thereíll be some who will ignore any signs but then again there are still idiots on the road driving without seatbelts and using phones.

So here are few sensible things you can do to help:

1.    No smoking inside the farm. (Thereís already burn holes in the seats that a Fire Officer would notice!)

2.    Letís burn all the food packaging or bin it, rather than leave it in a pile in front of the fire.

3.    Letís store the wood for the fire in the metal bins provided, rather than piling up against the fire where it has been seen to smoulder merrily away unattended.

4.    How about keeping the flammable cooking oil away from the two hobs with their lovely hot flames?

5.    Keep the Bedroom floors clear of all obstacles. (In event of a fire it might be a bit dark and there will be lots of smoke, making bags a definite trip hazard while floundering around to find the exit.) There is room under the bunks, on the bunks or at least in the corner to place bags, shoes and clothing (we even have coat hooks!)

6.    Letís be sure we all know the way to our nearest and safest exit.

7.    Finally we donít want to search through a load of charred remains to identify anyone so SIGN IN on arrival please, itís not Ďpickyí, itís commonsense.

Weíre regularly doing our bit, Gas checked, Electricity checked, Fire Safety check, so now itís time for you to do your bit to keep yourself and our visitors safe.

Ray Duffy


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