New RRCPC Library and Reading Room

Members should  be aware by now that the majority of the club library publications have now been transferred to the new Library Room at Bullpot Farm.  All members may now access the library by asking a committee member for access. Journals may be borrowed for reading in the adjacent  Reading Room or taken home. Please fill in the appropriate details of any loans in the book provided.  The new computer in the reading room lists all the available material by club. Details on how to search for your chosen material is posted next to the computer.

We hope in the coming year to provide a search facility to make finding articles on specific caves much easier, please bear with us as this is developed.

As part of a recent bequest from the late Tom Sykes, money is available to enhance the library further by providing bookcase storage for our large collection of books.  Hopefully this will happen over the next year.

Your club library is a valuable resource which has been collected over the last 50 years, please respect it, but above all please use it.

Sandra Wilkinson

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