Keld Bank Sink   -   May 2017



I’d visited this cave a year or two back, but only got halfway before deciding it was too wet and cold. So having had a mini drought I thought I’d have another look. The surface stream was barely flowing, and the first section of hands and knees crawling had just a couple of inches of water. I soon reached the point I’d got to on my previous visit, and had a quick stretch while I could stand up. Then back on hands and knees, with the occasional flat out section, which were welcome variation. Eventually I got to the “walking size passage” just before the sump, and lower exit. This walking section was about six steps before dropping flat out in the stream, still, at least I’d be able to pop out the bottom, and not have to hands and knees crawl all the way back out…… hmmm… I turned off my lamp and could just see a tiny patch of light coming in, crawled through the water to get a better look. Damn! No way was I going to get out of there, the exit had run-in.

Now then, should I wallow in the water and try digging my way out, or just bite the bullet and get crawling. My knees were screaming at me to wallow and dig, but sense prevailed and I set off out on a very slow hands and knees crawl. After what seemed like an eternity (but was probably not much more than half an hour), I popped up into the evening sunshine.  I walked over to the exit and sure enough there was not much more than a rabbit hole dropping down. I think I’d have been digging there all night to have got out that way so had made the right decision.


Johnny (Braindead) Baker


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