Ian Carruthers  1947 - 2017




It came as a great shock to hear of the death of my old caving friend, Ian "Eccles" Carruthers, who died on May 6th, 2017.   I first met Eccles in 1959 when he joined the Red Rose Caving Club on a learners trip down Long Kin West. We had draped the 300 foot ladder, to be used on the entrance pitch, dramatically across the fell side towards Ingleborough in the background. Although a daunting spectacle, Eccles was one of the few learners who showed no fear and great enthusiasm, and consequently became a long-term member of the Red Rose.

His wife Bobbie often came to the farm and joined in the social events. Eccles soon began to enjoy the continental trips, especially the 1967 trip with Jim Eyre and I to Provatina.

He was the second man down as we valiantly extended the descent to 700 feet, where we ran out of ladders on a snowy ledge.  

In 1970, he jumped at the chance to join the infamous double-decker bus trip to India. He is remembered for his willingness to do most of the driving while the rest of us were clicking away, photographing the journey.

He began cave-diving later in the seventies and subsequently took to sea-diving so we saw less of him at the club but he joined us for the booze-ups! Later still, he became hooked on motorcycling and restoring old motorbikes. He will be remembered for his enthusiasm in everything he pursued.

He leaves a wife Bobbie, a son Ian and daughter Kirsten.            .                                        

Jim Newton

Bustrip Eccles_2

The Bus Trip to India  -  1970                      Eccles, Steve Hesketh & Jim Newton             

                                                                - Yugoslavia 1969

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