Skirwith Cave , Ingleton


When wondering over the slopes of Ingleborough, two caves come to mind that have been taken over as Show Caves for the public, White Scar Cave and Ingleborough Cave but those with longer memories will perhaps remember that in the 1960's there was indeed a third show cave in operation - Skirwith Cave, situated on the Hawes road just before you reach White Scar Caves. Whilst sorting through some recent library donations Sandra and I came across this old leaflet. This cave was one of my first explorations as a young 15 year old, when together with one Max Moseley we travelled by bus from Lancaster to explore the cave long before it became a tourist venue. Memories are vague but I do recall Max whilst still on the bus showing me some explosives and detonators, but sadly I fear we were unsuccessful in extending the cave but successful on completing our bus journey.


The cave has long since been forgotten by the tourists, for I fear it failed to compete with it's near neighbour. 


Looking at the clubs future meets list there is a plan to visit this little cave.



















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Mel Wilkinson


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