RRCPC Newsletter

Volume 53 Number 1

January 2016



Heron Pot, Kingsdale Head - 23rd. May 2015                              Bill Nix


Dunald Mill Hole & Cave - Sat 23rd. May 2015                            Lionel Rice


Oh No! Not Again                                                                     Ray Duffy


Killer zombie voles from hell - a cautionary tail                          Sam Lieberman


Knotlow Caverns 2nd. May 2015                                                 Les Mottram


Mistral to Pippikin Sump                                                           Frank Tully


Our Day in Littondale                                                                Sue Osborne


Derbyshire Extensions, Kingsdale                                              Lionel Rice & Terry Regan


December New Members Trip - or how I beat Desmond            Mark Stubbs


Fairy Holes, Sat June 6th. 2015                                                          Sam Lieberman


From the Archives - Gavel Pot                                                   Jim Eyre




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