Early days with the CRO





Recently the Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club librarian has been sorting through the many items donated to the library that still need cataloging and came across these original police requests for cave rescue assistance, and a cartoon by Jim Eyre of an early CRO Practice Rescue. These were hidden amongst two books of press cuttings collected by Jim.  As far as our librarian is aware these have not been seen before or ever published. The date of the cartoon is unknown but I appear in the cartoon as “Mixed up Melvin.” In those days I was an active caver with the Red Rose and CRO, so I suspect this rescue practice happened in the early 1960’s as well.


At that time the Red Rose members in the CRO, were in what was then called the “Lancaster Team” and we were called out when required by a policeman knocking at the door (with some force I remember) at all times of the day and night. If we were not at home then these slips of official paper was pushed through the doo, which we often found on our return from the dales, only to have to return - unless of course we had been located earlier, usually in the “Marton Arms”


Mel Wilkinson (RRCPC)



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