RRCPC Newsletter

Volume 52 Number 1

June 2015



Early Days with the CRO    Mel Wilkinson

Annual Dinner 1953   N. V. (Nancy) Dilling

Whats in a Name?   Mel Wilkinson

Crossing the Thorung La    Andy Hall

Barbon Pot or Confessions of a Fat Bast*rd    Ray Duffy

Pippikin Pot    Richard Timms

Ladder Training    Susan Bohm

Annual General Meeting

Something from the Brown Lagoon    Ray Duffy

Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of Whitbarrow, southern Lakeland    Andy Hall

Investigation into the Porcellanous Band relationship to Cave Formation in and under Casterton and Leck Fells - or how the club could do some proper speleological science   Andy Hall

Knotlow Caverns   Les Mottram



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