From the Log Book

Andy W, Sam L Ray D. Back to Howgill Sink.                                                           .                                                                                       The midges said, “Where have you been, we’re hungry?” and they were. Andy and Sam set to on the small trench leading from the base of the climbs and we might soon be able to stand in it, if it gets any deeper. The even smaller trench leading off at right-angles looks narrow but what happens at the end??? The pile outside the cave is now very big.



Ray Duffy, Andy Whitney (Sam on holiday). Howgill Sink. After a lot of gravel removal Andy declared it a no-go as it’s small and not getting any bigger. I went in and had a look. (Lots of boulder trundling) at the alternate rift, doesn’t look promising either but left loads of rocks to come out.



Ray D and Sam L. Howgill Sink. Undid damage caused by Ray and continued digging out floor of small crawl. Sam removed some large boulders in floor giving more room at the awkward left bend. Way on looks small but enlargeable.



Rat D and Sam L. Avon Pot. As it had pee’d down all day but not enough to fill Fall Pot for a photo session we gave Howgill Sink a miss and voted for moving some of the mass of spoil near the far end of A.P. The little aven was unpleasantly wet but to be expected. I let Sam do the wall disassembling while I hauled buckets up the rift and deposited them behind yet another dry-stone wall, not very dry! By the end of play ie. pub time, we’d made quite an impression on the spoil to the point where we had started capping, so more banging please.

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