From the Log Book (2) – 30th. March 2012


30th. March 2012   -  Kirk Pot


Protagonists: John Cordingley (diving), Adrian Hall (Sherpa, divers assistant), Paul (Sherpa YSS), Ray Duffy (Sherpa)


Dave Ramsay and Co. had straight lined surveyed on Thurs. Night and rigged the pitch (Thanks!) so all we had to do was carry the gear. John had dug a new entrance avoiding the low bedding so it was mainly hands and knees crawling o the pitch which is proceeded by an awkward slot with hand line, quite useful. The pitch is split at a ledge and beyond here a fine walking streamway ends in crawling over large cobbles. John dived away from base for two hours and came back ESTATIC. Lots to go at with large passage and big deep sump pools. It now has sumps 1a, b and c where c has two going leads down deep an also a large aven heading o the fell. A really good trip especially as the weather forecast was for no sign of RAIN.

Ray Duffy


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