Notts Pot – 17th. March 2012


Participants: - Emma, Dave O, Helen, Marcus, Tim, Dalek, Alan, Bill & Andy Chapman.          (sorry if I have missed any one off I am writing this two months later & my memory is rubbish!!)


With the added lure of free food & cheap beer for the numerous birthday celebrations me & Dave decided to head up to the Dales and join Tim’s birthday trip down Black Shiver.  This would be my first official trip as a member of RRCPC. Unfortunately it had been piddling down for the last few days and we all doubted the wisdom of Black Shiver.  While consuming a hearty breakfast at Bernie’s it was decided that Notts Pot could be a pleasant alternative.


In the temperate surroundings of Leck Fell we checked the rigging guide and decided on Centre Route; bags were packed, caving gear donned and Notts Pot located. Helen rigged the entrance pitches and we were soon on our way.  Marcus took over in Three Ways Chamber and after lots of helpful advice such as “rig it as a deviation”, “no, no – what you need is a re-belay”, “try that big rock spike over there”, “what about this thread here” poor Marcus finally decided to stop listening and got the pitch rigged.


The fun continued as it seemed to have been decided that allowing the person who was rigging to catch sight of the rigging guide would spoil the entertainment.  Andy took his turn and we followed him down the next pitch, a traffic jam developed at the next pitch head while Andy shouted up that the rope was too short and could someone adjust the rigging so he had a bit more rope.  After Helen and Marcus had followed him down it was discovered that they were on the wrong side of the miserable looking duck (that explained the lack of rope).  With words of encouragement from above and to the sound of Dalek’s teeth chattering they all prussiked back up and then down the right side of the dividing pillar.


Back on the right track we proceeded with no major difficulties, although I did get myself into a bit of a pickle at the top of the big pitch near the bottom but after a couple of tips from Tim I quickly sorted myself out. Soon we reached the sumps where birthday boy Tim shared out some of his jelly babies.


We began to make our way out, regrouping in Three Ways Chamber for a gossip, a quick snack and to take some bags off the de-rigging team (Marcus, Dave & Helen).  We came out to be treated to some early evening sunshine and lounged about waiting for Helen to emerge.  Our ropes had been over rigged by another group so she had been having a grand old time untangling them. She eventually succeeded and surfaced with much muttering and cursing about the youth of today and their lack of understanding of caving etiquette.


After a quick change we hurried back to the farm for liquid refreshments and to enjoy the wonderful delights of the buffet that Heather and her band of helpers had put together.


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