A ‘Potted’ History

Sept 2012

France, cave, slip, pain, hop, crawl, limp, drive, hospital, operation, plaster, ambulance, plane, taxi and eventually at 01.00, home, phew!!!

Now I’d like to take the time to thank all those involved starting with the non dramatic Slug for providing ‘cas-care’ at the scene and nurse Heather both of who managed to conjure up tape for binding the broken leg and paracetamol and codeine to assist in getting me out. Special thanks go to Paul Nicholls for bulldozing the crawls at the exit of the cave and route finding. There was also the help Andy and Heather gave in making me seem fast on the traverses and pitch. Thanks go to Steve Round for having a good light to show the way down the hillside as my, by now ‘glowworm’ headset was pathetic. Then there was the rest of the team, Sam for the photos, Tim for moral support, and of course Bill for the Land rover ride down the campsite. There’s Saint Dinny who showed the Patients of Job for sitting around in first Grenoble North hospital and then even longer in Grenoble South where he drove into the ambulance station by mistake, oops!

Special thanks from me to all those who braved the traffic in Grenoble to visit me in a hospital, that didn’t feature on satnavs because it was too new, bringing grapes which Boz ate and drinks I couldn’t drink as they were starving me most of the time. Finally, those wonderful nurses who looked after me who I’ve already thanked with chocs. and a special email along with the doc who did such a great in mending me so well. All’s well that ends well.

I’d just like to add that most people would think it was a rotten holiday but I did watch the Tour de France time trial, do the Guiers Vif cave with Boz (and walk with Hattie always nice to see) and took some photos, did a great bike ride over the Col de Cucheron, and Trou de Glaz not bad in four days.

Cheers All the Chartreuse Team

Ray Duffy


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